Environmental Contribution

NYK to Donate $1.5 Million to support SMC cleanup of Pasig, Tullahan rivers

NYK will donate a total of $1.5 million over five years in support of the Pasig River and the Tullahan-Tinajeros River system cleanup efforts being implemented by San Miguel Corporation. An online signing ceremony was held on November 19, 2021. San Miguel is currently dredging and cleaning the Pasig River, along with the Tulahan-Tinajeros River system, to mitigate flood damage and prevent the discharge of waste into the ocean. NYK's donation of $1.5 million will be used to purchase additional dredging equipment to support the project.

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NYK Assists Miniboat Program Organized by Columbia River Maritime Museum

NYK has been of assistance to the Miniboat Program organized by the Columbia River Maritime Museum in the U.S. state of Oregon as part of the NYK Mirai Project.
The Miniboat Program is a marine education program in which students in grades 5 to 7 in the Pacific Northwest and Japan interact through observations of miniboats released into the Pacific Ocean. This program started in 2017 after the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami caused a part of a torii gate from Itsukushima Shrine in Hachinohe City to wash ashore in Oregon. Afterward, the gate was returned to Japan.
The company looks forward to continuing the NYK Mirai Project to promote interest in and familiarity with the shipping industry and ships among the children who will lead the next generation.

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NYK Executives Participate at COP26

At the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which was held in Glasgow, UK, from November 1 to 12, NYK sponsored events and participated in others organized by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), among others, at which information was disseminated about decarbonization initiatives by the international shipping industry and the NYK Group.
To provide information on climate change initiatives, governments and industry groups hosted COP26 pavilions and side events, as well as various panel discussions that often had participants engaging in lively discussions. An NYK executive took stage as a panelist on November 6 and spoke about international shipping's decarbonization initiatives, which are being addressed mainly through coordination with the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Furthermore, at events from November 8 to 10, an NYK executive introduced specific GHG-emission-reduction initiatives that the NYK Group is promoting toward its long-term target of net-zero emissions by 2050 for the NYK Group's oceangoing businesses.

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The Uchimizu Project

In the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas of central Tokyo, the Uchimizu Project has been conducted each summer since 2008 to battle the urban heat island effect.

"Uchimizu" means "watering" or "sprinkling" and is an old Japanese custom traditionally done in gardens and streets.
Uchimizu prevents dust from rising and cools the warm ground.

For this project, we use rainwater and kitchen wastewater that has been filtered.
We are proud of our continual participation in this environment-friendly event.

Participation in World Wide Fund for Nature Japan

Since 2005, NYK has been a corporate member of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan.

The WWF, which operates in over 100 nations, is one of the largest conservation organizations in the world. Its mission is to promote biodiversity and reduce the negative impact of human activities on nature and wildlife.

NYK will continue to support the WWF's effort to achieve harmony between humans and nature.

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NYK's Participation Helps Tohoku University Researchers Confirm CO2 Concentration Differences between Hemispheres

NYK is participating in a Tohoku University research project to study global greenhouse gas distribution and circulation. Over a period of 40 years, sample air is being taken at sea on a containership shuttling between Japan and Australia, and on another traveling between Japan and North America. Analyses of the sampled air have already revealed that the northern and southern hemispheres have varying concentrations of CO2, and also that concentrations fluctuate seasonally and yearly. By adding observation points on the ocean to points on land, we have contributed to research in this area.

Contribution to the Analysis of Micro-plastic Pollution

In March 2020, NYK and the Chiba Institute of Technology signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the collection and analysis of microplastics floating in the open sea as the first step in contributing to the elucidation of the actual state of marine plastic pollution, which is a global environmental problem.
For one year from March 2020, we had 14 vessels operated by our company collect microplastics during normal business operations and achieved the goal of 100 samplings at 100 locations - a target that had been set together with Associate Professor Yutaka Kameda of the Chiba Institute of Technology. An analysis is being conducted in his laboratory, and the analyzed data is being summarized in a "World Ocean Plastic Garbage Map" produced by the university.
As emphasized in our recently released NYK Group ESG Story, NYK is a corporate group whose business activities are dependent on the oceans, and that obliges us to take measures that "give back to the oceans." This is one of those measures.

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University lectures

NYK arranges for experts from among its diverse staff to lecture at universities in Japan and thereby supports the education of students who plan to become seafarers or enter other segments of the shipping industry.

  • "Shipping Business Theory" at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology since 2000
  • "Social Aspects in the Shipping Industry" at Kobe University since 2006
Planting Trees

NYK Group staff have participated in numerous tree-planting programs in cooperation with local communities.

In Thailand, we began the tree-planting Carbon Neutral Project in June 2007 and this project is scheduled to continue for more than 20 years.


  • NYK RORO (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
  • Yusen Logistics (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
  • Nippon Cargo Airline (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
  • Double Wing Spirit Service Co Ltd
  • ANJI NYK Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Laemchabang International Ro-Ro Terminal Ltd.
  • NYK Auto Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

In addition, we have invested in a joint tree-planting project that started in 2003 in Albany, Australia, and in a Brazilian afforesting project that began in 2008 with wood-chip maker Amapa Florestal e Celulose S.A. (AMCEL).

Wind-Power Station in Yokohama

NYK had been one of the Y-Green Partner companies that sponsor the large wind-power station operated by Yokohama City. The City in turn gives each company a Green Power*1 Certificate in proportion to the amount of the company's sponsorship. The certificates allow the companies to use equivalent amounts of "wind-generated" energy. The total amount for NYK was about 540 MWh, which equals the yearly electricity consumption of about 130 average households.

  1. *1Green power
    Electric power that is generated by means of renewable energy such as from biomass, wind, and solar
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