Training and Education System

HR Philosophy

"Continually develop diverse talent at all group companies across global fields"
The NYK Group operates in a wide range of fields, and its employees come from an extensive and diverse range of countries. Our human resources (HR) philosophy was formulated in 2005 to encourage all employees to utilize their potential abilities as much as possible. Our training of the next generation emphasizes the following:

  1. 1Flexibility and liberality (tolerance) to understand different cultures and heterogeneous ways of thinking;
  2. 2Leadership to lay out clear visions and goals, and to encourage others to achieve the established goals; and
  3. 3Management skills that encompass administrative tasks, specialized knowledge, and the ability to look at things from a broader perspective.

Working on Land

GHR for More Effective Deployment of Human Resources

The GHR (Global Human Resources) Coordination Team in the Headquarters' Human Resources Group and HR managers from regions around the world jointly implement projects based on the four GHR pillars, i.e., organization, development plans, development tools, and interaction among staff.

Role of Regional HR Representatives(RHRs)

Along with the establishment of the HR philosophy, RHRs have been appointed in each regional management company. RHRs play an important role in the Group's global human resources development. They serve as a liaison between group companies and the Tokyo headquarters, going beyond business units and national boundaries to share information and opinions on human resources development. They also contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the HR philosophy.

HR Data Survey

In 2006, NYK began to conduct a regular survey of NYK Group companies to better understand their attitudes toward working conditions and human resources development. The survey results are shared with participating group companies and are used in groupwide programs to foster awareness of HR issues and seek improvements. The HR data survey comprises a basic data section and questions that focus on priority issues. Content is reviewed every year. To enable efficient and effective use of the data, the survey was moved online from 2008. Currently, in addition to confirmation of compliance with the human rights and labor standards found in the United Nations Global Compact (conducted since 2007), we perform checkups of the existence of human rights enlightenment training as well as human rights risk awareness (e.g., child labor and forced labor in the supply chain).

Employee Satisfaction

All employees working at NYK's head office complete an employee satisfaction survey once a year. We also place importance on face-to-face communication between employees and supervisors to best understand each employee's circumstances, requests, and opinions.

Training Programs

The NYK Business College comprises a set of training programs that are based on our HR philosophy and aimed at improving the overall capabilities of our NYK Group employees. The Group enhances these training programs regularly. In fiscal 2021, 2,228 group employees participated in over 60 training programs. Additionally, 44,696 Group employees worldwide took part in e-learning on the topics of ESG; environmental initiatives; HR; competition law / antitrust law, anti-bribery law, and economic sanctions; risk management; and information systems security.
Further, aiming to strengthen the development of employees who will lead the next generation, NYK has established training programs for specific ranks, from junior through mid-career employees. These programs focus on expanding horizons while fostering critical thinking, leadership, and management skills. The Group intends to continue upgrading and developing its training programs to foster employees who can contribute to stakeholders through our businesses based on our mission of "Bringing value to life."

Number of NYK Business College Participants (Including group employees)

Number of e-Learning Participants(Including group employees)

NYK Digital Academy

Human resources are the most critical driver of sustainable growth in a company. The Group's business environment is experiencing significant changes, such as the advancement of digital technologies, requiring us to radically revise our conventional business models. To address such rapid changes, we established the NYK Digital Academy in September 2019 to develop human resources who will lead the Group in the future. 61 staff members had graduated from the academy (as of July, 2023).
At the academy, which runs a nine-month program, participants are given the opportunity to learn through various lectures and practical endeavors. The task given to each round of trainees is to launch a new business. And to accomplish this, participants must network with people inside and outside the Group. Thus far, some of the new business ideas conceived at the academy have been implemented.
To help our Group employees survive in an increasingly uncertain business environment, the academy is nurturing our human resources to create and bring new value to society. We also expect this program to enhance our organization's integrated power and help begin a new era for the Group. This program is an essential measure of HR development for the NYK Group.

Global NYK Group Week

Since 2002, NYK has conducted annual Group training, "Global NYK Group Week", at our Tokyo head office for managers based worldwide throughout the NYK Group. The goals of the training are to build global networks within the Group, give employees opportunities for direct discussions with the presidents of NYK, and provide training about the Group's corporate DNA, including the NYK Group Mission Statement and the NYK Group Values.
As a global corporate group, the NYK Group respects employee diversity and ambitions, and concentrates efforts on personnel training so that employees can work with high aspirations and pride.

In-house Certification: Vessel Operations Meister Program

The vessel operations meister program established in fiscal 2009 provides in-house certification to develop operators with an even stronger commitment to safe operations and greater operation efficiency. To participate, employees must have experience in vessel operations at NYK. Employees of overseas subsidiaries can also participate as long as they have experience in vessel operations. To obtain certification, participants must complete the training course and pass a written exam. The number of employees at the Group with this certification totals 510, consisting of 15 at the platinum level, 177 at the gold, and 318 at the silver (as of March 31, 2022).

Number of Certified Onshore Vessel Operators

Working at Sea

Educating Seafarers through the NYK Unified Requirements

Safe vessel navigation requires highly capable teams of seafarers. In the NYK Group, the seafaring workforce is a multinational mix that is provided standardized education through the NYK Maritime College, a training system featuring a unique set of common, consistent requirements that defines the necessary knowledge and skills that seafarers need for their individual positions - from third officer and third engineer all the way to captain and chief engineer.

Developing Training Programs for Seafarers

The key to achieving even higher levels of safety in vessel operations and improving environmental preservation is not hardware or systems, but the people, or seafarers. The NYK Group employs even higher levels of safety programs that enable seafarers to acquire a wide range of skills and advanced expertise while aboard and onshore. This program gives seafarers the knowledge and skills they need for our vessels. We call these the NYK Unified Requirements. For new personnel, the group provide on-the-job training. In addition, we have introduced to each of our operating vessels an in-house developed e-learning system, called NYKSTARS*1, which allows seafarers to enhance their skills while on board vessels. Meanwhile, onshore we use unified teaching materials and curricula at training centers and manning offices*2 in regions worldwide. We also operate HELMS,*3 which allows seafarers on leave to take training courses online, and we have established a system that allows seafarers to continue their education even during travel restrictions.

  1. *1NYK-STARS
    NYK-Shipboard Training and Assessment Record System
    The system has a wide variety of programs, or "STARS," designed for specific types of vessels, such as PCC STARS for car carriers, and marine engineering STARS for diesel engines, steam turbines, and other equipment.
  2. *2Manning offices
    Ship-management company branch offices and crew referral agencies.
  3. *3HELMS
    Handy E-Learning Management System

Number of NYK Maritime College Seafarers Participants (By Nationality)

  • *The number of NYK Maritime College (NMC) participants reflects a decrease in the number of lectures held at training centers since the end of fiscal 2019 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • *In FY2021, the number of participants in "HELMS" increased.

The NYK Maritime College is a system that provides a globally uniform training program regardless of the nationality and training location of seafarers to effectively improve the skills of our seafarers.