Message from the President

Hitoshi Nagasawa President

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your understanding and support of the NYK Group's corporate activities.

Since its founding in 1885, NYK has been a part of the development of the world economy and the subsequent improvements in quality of life for people around the globe. We are proud of the role we have in supporting the lives of so many, and we carry out our responsibilities by creating value for society while meeting society's requirements for safety and environmental protection.

The basic philosophy of the NYK Group mission statement is simply "Bringing value to life." We will continue our efforts to remain a trusted company for all stakeholders by repeatedly ensuring the safety and stability of our business operations.

We have accelerated our medium-term management plan "Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green," launched in April 2018, to stay at the forefront of the industry and distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We sincerely appreciate your further understanding and support.

June 2019
Hitoshi Nagasawa