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Questions about our company

Questions about financial statements/financial management

Questions about stocks

Questions about our company

Q.When was NYK founded ?

A.Our company was founded on September 29, 1885.

Q.What is NYK doing ?

A.NYK is a "comprehensive logistics enterprise" that is doing business through the active use of one of the world's largest merchant fleets and a far-flung international network of land/sea/air transport. Today, we are participating in a variety of businesses, including not only the transportation of goods but also the establishment of upstream and midstream businesses in the offshore and LNG value chains, as well as startup companies aiming to develop and provide next-generation solutions. For details, please refer to "Corporate Profile".

Q.What are you doing for the environmental management ?

A.Please refer to "Environment".

Q.Will you tell me about your management strategy/vision ?

A.NYK Line mapped out "Sail Green, Drive Transformations 2026 - A Passion for Planetary Wellbeing," on March 10, 2023.

Q.Will you tell me about the subsidiary companies of the NYK Group ?

A.Please refer to "NYK Group".

Q.Will you tell me about NYK Group's CSR Activities ?

A.Please refer to "ESG Management". You can also download CSR Report on this page.

Questions about financial statements/financial management

Q.What reference materials are available concerning your business results and other financial data ?

A.Please refer to "Fiscal Statements", "Financial Report" or "Public Announcement of Financial Statements." In addition, Each Business Segments' Data could be referred in Fact Book I and Financial Data Summary for 10 years and Latest Shipping Market Information in Fact Book II.

Q.When is the date of settlement ?

A.March for the full fiscal year.

Q.When are the financial statements published ?

A.Early August for the first-quarter settlement; Early November for the second-quarter settlement; Early February of the following year for the third-quarter settlement and early May for the full-year settlement.

Q.How can I obtain your NYK Reports(Integrated Report) ?

A.Please download "NYK Reports(Integrated Report)" from "IR Library". The report is also mailed out upon request via "Contact us".

Q.Will you tell me the rating to NYK ?

A.Please see "Credit Ratings".

Questions about stocks

Q.Will you tell me about dividend payment ?

A.NYK Line has designated the stable return of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management priorities, and the distribution of profits is decided after taking into consideration a wide range of factors, including the outlook. The company will issue a year-end dividend of ¥10 per share, and combined with the interim dividend of ¥10 per share, there is no change to the expected full-year dividend of ¥20.

Q.Will you tell me about Latest Shareholder Composition ?

A.Please refer to "Basic Stock Information".

Q.When was NYK listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange ?

A.NYK was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as soon as the company was founded in 1885.

Q.What is NYK's Ticker Code number ?

A.Our code number is 9101.

Q.Will you tell me about analysts of securities companies who cover the shipping industry ?

A.Please see "Analyst Coverage".


For any other questions, please contact us from Inquiries.