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Questions about our company

Questions about financial statements/financial management

Questions about stocks

Questions about our company

Q.When was NYK founded ?

A.Our company was founded on September 29, 1885.

Q.What is NYK doing ?

A.NYK is a "comprehensive logistics enterprise" that is doing business through the active use of one of the world's largest merchant fleets and a far-flung international network of land/sea/air transport. For details, please refer to "Corporate Profile".

Q.What are you doing for the environmental management ?

A.Please refer to "Environment".

Q.Will you tell me about your management strategy/vision ?

A.NYK Line mapped out "Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green" on March 29, 2018.

Q.Will you tell me about the subsidiary companies of the NYK Group ?

A.Please refer to "NYK Group".

Q.Will you tell me about NYK Group's CSR Activities ?

A.Please refer to "CSR". You can also download CSR Report on this page.

Questions about financial statements/financial management

Q.What reference materials are available concerning your business results and other financial data ?

A.Please refer to "Fiscal Statements", "Financial Report" or "Public Announcement of Financial Statements." In addition, Each Business Segments' Data could be referred in Fact Book I and Financial Data Summary for 10 years and Latest Shipping Market Information in Fact Book II.

Q.When is the date of settlement ?

A.March for the full fiscal year.

Q.When are the financial statements published ?

A.Late July for the first-quarter settlement; Late October for the second-quarter settlement; Late January of the following year for the third-quarter settlement and late April for the full-year settlement.

Q.How can I obtain your NYK Report ?

A.Please download "NYK Report" from "IR Library". The report is also mailed out upon request via "Contact us".

Q.Will you tell me the rating to NYK ?

A.Please see "Credit Ratings".

Questions about stocks

Q.Will you tell me about dividend payment ?

A.NYK Line has designated the stable return of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management priorities, and the distribution of profits is decided after taking into consideration a wide range of factors, including the outlook. The company will issue a year-end dividend of ¥10 per share, and combined with the interim dividend of ¥10 per share, there is no change to the expected full-year dividend of ¥20.

Q.Will you tell me about Latest Shareholder Composition ?

A.Please refer to "Basic Stock Information".

Q.When was NYK listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange ?

A.NYK was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as soon as the company was founded in 1885.

Q.What is NYK's Ticker Code number ?

A.Our code number is 9101.

Q.Will you tell me about analysts of securities companies who cover the shipping industry ?

A.Please see "Analyst Coverage".


For any other questions, please contact us from Inquiries.