Safety on Land

Automotive Logistics and Inland Transportation Services

The Group's automotive logistics business is developing other offerings to help automotive manufacturers globalize their operations. In addition to operating RORO terminals*1 and providing inland transportation around the world, the Group is also enhancing its PDI*2 and other high-value-added services to develop an integrated lineup of transport services spanning the entire scope of the process - from auto production to sales.
In this business, we believe it is important to establish a competitive advantage with customers based not only on cost but also shared trust, service differentiation, quality improvement, and added value. Since 2015, the Group has held a global improvement contest every six months. In this contest, named "TREK Campaign," ideas for improvement - such as measures to enhance safety, reduce costs, and improve operation efficiency are solicited from automotive logistics companies all over the world, and then evaluated and recognized. The Group aims to enhance workplace capabilities by developing and sharing each company's ideas for improvement. And to take transport quality and efficiency to even higher levels, the Group is looking to introduce next-generation solutions, such as using IoT to develop mobile applications for workers.

  1. *1RORO terminals
    Roll-on / roll-off (RORO) terminal facilities are specially designed to allow vehicles, such as automobiles, semi-trailer trucks, and forklifts, to be directly rolled or driven on and off ships without the use of lifting equipment.
  2. *2PDI
    Pre-delivery inspections and a broad lineup of other high-value-added services, including repairs and parts replacement.
Gold Award in the first half of 2018
Silver Award in the first half of 2018