Environmental Certification and GHQ Environmental Management Program

ISO 14001 Certification (Environmental Management System: EMS)

Under the NYK Group's common environmental policy and EMS manual, environmental certification has been obtained for 62 Group company sites and the vessels they manage through a global multisite system based on the ISO14001:2015 standard.
We have assigned environmental management responsibilities to four regions –– i.e., Europe, South Asia/Oceania, East Asia, and the Americas –– and have established the Safety and Environmental Management Committee to oversee our unified global environmental activities.

ISO14001 Certified Site List

Green Management Certification

Six NYK Group companies*1 had NYK Group companies*1 had obtained Green Management certification, which is presented to enterprises that promote environmental conservation of a certain level or higher based on the Green Management Promotion Manual issued by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation. For example, the practice of "eco-driving" through the use of low-emission vehicles would be a green management practice. By officially recognizing carriers' efforts, this certification system aims to reduce environmental burdens caused by the transportation industry. More companies throughout the NYK Group plan to obtain certification in the future.

  1. *1Nippon Container Yuso Co. Ltd., Yusen Koun Co. Ltd., Asahi Unyu Kaisha Ltd., Shin-Nippon Kaiyosha Corporation, Yokohama Kyoritsu Soko Co. Ltd., and Hokuyo Kaiun.

GHQ Environmental Management Program for FY2021 (Evaluation)

GHQ Environmental Management Program for FY2022 (Intermediate Evaluation)