Environmental Preservation

The NYK Group conducts its business in the natural environment and is thus involved in environmental preservation of the marine environment and biodiversity conservation activities.

Sea Turtle Research Program

Since 2016, NYK has supported "Kishu Minabe Sea Turtle Research Project*" launched by the NPO Earthwatch Japan. NYK Group employees volunteer to participate in the research every year.

Minabe town in Wakayama prefecture is the largest place in the main island of Japan where loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs, but now sea turtles are in danger of dying out. Research of the sea turtle's lifestyle has been undertaken since the year of 1990 in Minabe town.

This program is held twice every year where participants attached identification tags to the turtles, recorded and measured their shell length and width using a caliper. This research is under the careful guidance of an academic expert and members of Sea Turtle Association of Japan, a local NPO in a manner so as not to disturb their spawning behavior.

  • *Kishu Minabe Sea Turtle Research Project
    Senri, Iwashiro, Takahama beach in Minabe town, Wakayama prefecture where the loggerhead sea turtles come ashore for nesting every year, but sufficient identification surveys could not be conducted due to lack of staff. With comprehensive surveys and valuable data accomplished by responsible citizen volunteers the program objective can be met. This project's objectives are to study the sea turtle's lifestyle, and protect their habitat with the goal to protect and preserve sea turtles who are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The research sessions 2017 occurred on July9-11 and 13-15.

Participation in Recycling Activities

NYK collects empty disposable contact lens cases and disposable heat packs and donates them to activity groups. Empty contact lens cases are recycled into various products, and the contents of disposable heat packs are used to improve the natural environment.