What do we do?

We have three main business sectors.

Global logistics
  • Liner trade(Container shipping / Terminal)
  • Air cargo transportation
  • Logistics
Bulk shipping
  • Dry bulk transport
  • Liquid transport
  • Car transport
Other businesses
  • Real estate
  • Others

We operate various kinds of ships, e.g., containership, oil tankers, and car carriers.

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What we will be doing in the future?

We aim to realize sustainable growth in line with the medium-term management plan.

Medium-term management plan basic strategy

Create new values through
"staying half a step ahead" sprit

Strategy for sustainable growth
  • Reduce market volatility
  • Secure stable-freight-rate business
  • Increase efficiency and create new values

Positioning governance as the foundation of all corporate activities, we will further strengthen our governance by integrating ESG principles into our management strategies.

What are our financial targets?

We aim to achieve our financial targets and capital policy through cash flow management and by improving ROE.

Earnings and financial targets

Medium-Term Target(by FY2022)
Recurring Profit ¥28 billion ¥70~100 billion
ROE 3.8% min 8.0%
Equity Ratio 26.6% min 30%
DER 1.78 1.5 or lower
Exchange rate (1US$) ¥111.19 ¥105
Bunker oil prices (1MT) $341.41 HSFO $320
LSGO $620*

*HSFO = High Sulphur Fuel Oil / LSGO = Low Sulphur Gas Oil

To achieve ROE target

Cash Flow Management

We will distribute increased profits to all shareholders.

Basic policy for the return of profits to shareholders is to pay stable dividends aiming for a payout ratio of 25% on consolidated basis

Dividends per share and payout ratio