Air Cargo Transportation Business

Aiming to be the top air cargo specialist with world-class competitiveness in cost, efficiency, service quality, and environmental performance, while maintaining safe operations

In the air cargo transportation business, Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. Ltd. (NCA), a subsidiary of NYK, provides international air cargo services linking Japan to North America, Europe, and Asia.

Utilizing its own fleet operations and maintenance systems, NCA pursues safe operations and strives to be an air cargo specialist with a leading position in global markets in terms of costs and service quality. NCA utilizes next-generation cargo aircraft (Boeing 747-8F) that is superior not only in operating performance (as a result of greater fuel efficiency, longer cruising range, and increased load capacity) but also in environmental performance (by reducing noise and CO2 emissions).

While NCA services currently center on Japan-based operations, the company will fortify business foundations in Asia and promote its presence in the growing Asian air cargo market with departures from Asia to Europe and the U.S. This will be accomplished by making full use of NCA's mobility and competitiveness as an air cargo specialist. The company will enhance its presence in global markets while further strengthening cargo business operations in Japan.

Moreover, by tightening cooperation with domestic and overseas airlines while expanding chartered flight services that allow for more flexible operations, the company will promote new demand for its cargo services.