NYK Group Environmental Policy

  1. 1We will strive to conserve the oceans, the global environment, biodiversity, water resources, forests, and other natural resources by considering the impact of our business activities on the environment, setting necessary objectives and targets, and periodically reviewing them and continuously improving our measures, based on the clear commitment of top management following the resolution at the board of directors.
  2. 2In addition to complying with laws and regulations related to safety and the environment, we will strive to improve our environmental performance through the establishment and operation of our unique Environmental Management System, based on dialogue with diverse stakeholders both inside and outside the group.
  3. 3We will strive to ensure the safety of all modes of transportation, including inland and inland waters and air transportation, as well as services that spread across the sea, land, and air, such as terminals and warehouses and other places, including the safety of the operating fleet.
  4. 4We will strive to collaborate with diverse stakeholders throughout our value chain, and work towards resource conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, greenhouse gas reduction, reduction of the environmentally hazardous substances discharge, water resource management, and forest conservation, and address all environmental challenges, such as climate change countermeasures, marine environment and biodiversity conservation, and prevention of air pollution.
  5. 5We will strive to minimize the environmental impact resulting from the procurement, operation, and disposal of transportation equipment such as ships, aircraft, vehicles, and other sources, and decisively implement new technologies and fuels into society through co-creation with diverse stakeholders.
  6. 6We will practice a circular economy by promoting responsible, transparent ship dismantling with consideration given to safety, the environment, human rights, and other factors.
  7. 7We will provide appropriate and sufficient education and training to internal and external parties and ensure a "Just Transition" when adopting new technologies to address environmental issues.
  8. 8Through internal public relations activities and environmental seminars, we will tirelessly raise the environmental awareness of each employee and instill these environmental policies.
  9. 9We will promote co-creation with diverse stakeholders by maintaining close dialogue with society, proactively disclosing environmental information including environmental risks and opportunities throughout the entire value chain, proactively engaging in and communicating effective initiatives, and providing grants and support for environmental conservation activities. Through collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we will respond to environmental issues inside and outside the Group and strive to enhance corporate value.

Constituted on 1st September, 2001
Amended on 1st April, 2009
Amended on 1st April, 2017
Amended on 31st March, 2023