Green Policy

  1. 1We, the NYK Group, adopt responsible practices with due regard to the environmental impacts of our corporate activities. We set and continually review objectives and targets for achieving our goal to protect our entire global environment and biodiversity.
  2. 2We seek not only to comply with safety and environmental regulations but also to implement in-house standards to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  3. 3We commit ourselves to the safe operation of all our services via sea, land, and air, as well as operations at sea, terminals, and warehouses.
  4. 4We seek to reduce environmental loads by efficiently using resources, saving energy, reducing waste, encouraging material recycling, and particularly by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances, and toxic matter.
  5. 5We endeavor to minimize environmental loads and adopt environmentally friendly technologies when ordering and purchasing necessary resources, such as vessels and aircraft, for transportation services and cargo operations.
  6. 6We endeavor to use education programs to raise environmental awareness among our employees and to ensure that they recognize the essence of this Green Policy by actively addressing environmental concerns.
  7. 7We make wide-ranging social contributions in close partnership with local communities by disclosing environmental information and supporting environmental conservation initiatives.

Formulated September 1, 2001
Revised April 1, 2009
Revised April 1, 2017