Stakeholder Partnership

The NYK Group has developed countless innovations in co-creation with various stakeholders, whether by understanding customers, cooperating with suppliers, or supporting local communities, among others.

The NYK Group's Stakeholders

Group companies (Affiliated companies)

To promote ESG management, safety and environmental efforts are very important for us. While working together with NYK and group companies, we ensure safety at global logistics sites and carry out business activities that are friendly to people and the earth.

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National and local governments / Local communities / NGOs and NPOs / Customers, etc.

Creation of supply uchains for fuel ammonia

NYK changed status in Clean Fuel Ammonia Association to board member.
NYK participated in the International Conference on Fuel Ammonia 2021 held on October and talked about marine transportation of ammonia and its use as a marine fuel, which would be essential in building a supply chain for fuel ammonia. He spoke about the supply of fuel ammonia as a means of realizing a CO2-free society, in addition to issues related to the introduction of marine fuel ammonia in the shipping industry. NYK explained that Japan is working together with the public and private sectors to address these issues. He also introduced NYK's specific efforts to introduce fuel ammonia.

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NYK Supports Yokohama's "Hama Wing" Wind Power Plant

NYK has made the decision to support "Hama Wing," a nickname for the Yokohama City Wind Power Plant that comprises a port-based wind turbine capable of producing nearly 2.1 million kWh annually as part of the city's effort to promote the use of renewable energy and combat global warming.
From now on, the electricity used by NYK's Yokohama branch and the NYK Maritime Museum will be considered to be derived from natural energy and confirmed through Renewable Energy Certificates issued by the city of Yokohama.
NYK is a supporter of Zero Carbon Yokohama, an initiative launched in 2018 by the city of Yokohama to realize a decarbonized society, and the NYK Hikawamaru (museum ship) and the company's Port of Yokohama Daikoku C-3 Terminal are already using electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

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Participation in an NPO hosted stakeholder engagement program

NYK participated in a stakeholder engagement program - a human rights due diligence workshop - hosted by the Caux Round Table Japan. Through discussions with stakeholders, including human rights related NGOs/NPOs, human rights specialists, and companies from a number of other industries, NYK is studying how to extract issues that should be addressed in relation to business and human rights, as well as how to advance corporate activities with consideration for human rights.

Regularly holding conversations with shipyards

The Group is regularly exchanging opinions with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation regarding the most recent technology for ships. With a focus on Digitalization and Green initiatives, both companies introduce the technological developments they are undertaking and at the same time share opinions regarding the social challenges surrounding the shipping industry.

Dialogue with shipbuilding corporation
Community investment

As an organization that conducts business activities globally, the Group aims to be of benefit to tomorrow by fulfilling various tasks and expectations of regional communities around the world. We address community needs by, for example, educating and training tomorrow's seafarers for the development of the maritime industry, in addition to sponsoring events to foster a closer relationship between shipping and society.

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Industry-academia Collaboration

Since 2020, NYK has been participating in the "Marine Innovation Ideathon" sponsored by the "IoS (Internet of Ships) Open Platform" (IoS-OP) Consortium.
In November 2021, the first Maritime-Industry-Academia Collaboration Ideathon was held as a program for students and working adults from maritime universities to think about new ideas for solving social issues. The dean of the NYK Digital Academy participate as a lecturer.

Shareholders and Investors

NYK believes that repeatedly engaging in mutual communication with, and disclosing information to, shareholders and investors at the proper time and in the proper way will help realize the appropriate evaluation of NYK's corporate value, resolve social issues and identify risks, and lead to the creation of additional corporate value. Following the formulation of the Corporate Governance Guideline in 2015, NYK has clearly set forth in writing a "policy for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors."
The valuable feedback received from shareholders and investors through dialogue is reported regularly and at the appropriate time to executive management and is being used to improve the management of the business.