NYK Group Sustainability Initiatives

Basic Philosophy

The NYK Group is positioning ESG at the center of business management and proactive advancement of ESG. Under the theme of "giving back to the oceans, earth, and people" we are committed to social and environmental issues, and the company is making every effort to enhance corporate values through these activities.

Activity Policy

  1. (1)Improving Corporate Value

    We carry out activities that lead to the enhancement of corporate value of the NYK Group over the long term.

  2. (2)Raising NYK Group Employee Awareness of Solving Social Issues

    By participating in activities addressing the NYK Group Sustainability Initiatives, we incorporate different values and perspectives to foster a corporate culture that has respect for diversity, remains flexible and energetic, and exhibits sincerity as we carry out activities aimed at raising awareness of solving social issues.

  3. (3)"Investment" in the Future

    By "investing" the various management resources of the NYK Group in society, we carry out activities that contribute to the realization of a better future. Investment targets include fields such as the environment, society, international contributions, and activities to support those who will lead future generations.

  4. (4)Realizing an Inclusive Society

    Through positive engagement with society, we carry out activities that aim to realize an inclusive society.

NYK Group Sustainability Initiative Logo

The turquois color of the NYK Group Sustainability logo, a mixture of blue and green, is consistent with the group's theme of "giving back to the oceans, earth, and people." We nurture the seeds of new business to solve social issues, and this is expressed by buds growing from the earth.