Human Rights Initiatives

NYK Group's Basic Stance on Human Rights

The NYK Group's basic stance on respecting and honoring human rights is clearly indicated in the NYK Business Credo.

Excerpt from NYK Business Credo
Article 4. Compliance with laws and ordinances, respect for human rights

We recognize our role in society and act in a manner that is fair and just by complying with national laws and ordinances and international norms. We believe that corporate activities should adhere to social mores, respect human rights, honor local customs and practices, and address the concerns and interests of stakeholders.

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Moreover, the NYK Code of Conduct, which is a set of rules outlining important matters of our day-to-day business, explicitly states that NYK shall respect human rights and fairly engage in business activities, respecting and sufficiently understanding international norms and codes regarding human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948, the U.N. International Bill of Rights, the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and ISO 26000.

Respect for Human Rights

The Group respects the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, and recognizes and respects various values and cultures as the foundation of our corporate activities.

Excerpt from NYK Code of Conduct
Chapter 4 Respect for Human Rights and Diversity of Cultures

4-1 Respect for Human Rights, Prohibition of Discrimination

We respect human rights and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or regional origin, age, disability, or disease.

4-2 Prohibiting Harassment

We do not engage in libelous or slanderous acts that violate human dignity, or abusive acts that may be regarded as harassment.

4-3 Respect for Cultures of Countries and Regions

We respect the cultures and customs of countries and regions in which we conduct business, and conduct our business operations in harmony with regional communities and international society.

4-4 Prohibiting Forced Labor or Child Labor

NYK does not engage in inhumane acts such as forced labor or child labor. And NYK does not conduct trade with business enterprises engaged in such acts.

4-5 Establishment and Operation of Fair Personnel Treatment System

NYK promotes equal opportunity in employment, personnel administration, wages, training, promotion, etc., and complies with applicable labor agreements and other agreements with attention to the protection of the rights of workers established in international treaties and in laws and regulations of each country or region in which NYK operates.

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To enhance its global business activities, NYK created the company's "CSR Guidelines for Partners and Suppliers," which requests the cooperation and understanding of business partners in promoting CSR activities concerning global social issues such as child labor, forced labor, environmental destruction, etc., in the entire supply chain.

Excerpt from CSR Guidelines for Partners and Suppliers
Chapter 3. Respect for Human Rights and Diversity of Cultures

Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination

Respect human rights, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or regional origin, age, mental or physical disabilities, diseases, social status, or any other reason.

Prohibiting Inhumane Treatment

Prohibit any inhumane treatment so as not to engage in any acts that violate human dignity such as libel, slander, or harassment.

Respect for Cultures of Countries and Regions

Respect cultures and customs of countries and regions in which you conduct your business, and conduct your business operations in harmony with regional communities and international society.

Prohibiting Forced Labor or Child Labor

Do not engage in inhumane acts such as forced labor or child labor, and endeavor to ensure appropriate payment of wages. Also, do not conduct trade with business enterprises engaged in inhumane employment.

Respect for Fundamental Rights of Workers

Respect workers' rights, including collective bargaining rights and freedom of association, as prescribed in international treaties and in national and regional laws and regulations.

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Organization to Promote Human Rights Initiatives

In 2006, NYK announced its endorsement and support for the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and in 2010 NYK established its Global Compact Promotion Committee for the purpose of promoting UNGC and investigating human rights issues, such as human rights violations in business activities. In 2022, UNGC Promotion Subcommittee was incorporated as a subordinate organization of the ESG Management Promotion Committee to strengthen efforts for the UNGC 1 Principles.

The subcommittee comprises the ESG Promotion Division, Human Resources Division and the Legal Division at the NYK headquarters, and promotes initiatives mainly on the topics of UNGC principles 1 to 6 and 10 regarding human rights, labor standards, and Anti-corruption.

Research and Promotion of Global Compact Human Rights Issues

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Human Rights Due Diligence and Impact Assessments

At a Risk Management Committee held twice a year, NYK identifies and evaluates risk that can significantly affect companywide business. Among them are human rights issues, which NYK manages accordingly by preparing a risk map indicating the likelihood of the risk and its impact on business management.

In addition, the Global Compact Promotion Committee has confirmed the following, made efforts to grasp the Group's human rights issues, and considered initiatives to address these issues.

  1. 1Through an annual HR survey of NYK Group companies worldwide by the Human Resources Group at the headquarters, NYK regularly confirms its status of compliance with the UNGC and the absence of forced labor or child labor in the company's supply chain.
  2. 2Share the status of NYK's activities on human rights issues and consider future action plans.
  3. 3Conduct surveys on human rights issues by e-learning

Survey Results on Human Rights Issues in FY2021 (6,949 response)

Which of the below do you think is the human rights issue that NYK currently feels it must take action about? (multiple answers)

NYK has participated in the Stakeholder Engagement Program (Human Rights Due Diligence Workshop) organized by Caux Round Table Japan (CRT), a nonprofit organization, since 2014 to deepen the company's understanding of human rights issues throughout business activities.
In the workshop, NYK has exchanged opinions with participants from transport and logistics companies and used a tool developed by UNEP FI (United Nations Environment Program / Financial Initiative) to identify corporate activities that affect human rights issues. A final report titled "Human Rights Issues by Sector" reflecting public comments was then made.
The knowledge gained by this program has been utilized for NYK's human rights activities and human rights due diligence.

NYK initiatives toward key human rights issues in logistics and transport sector (* Excerpt from Human Rights Issues by Sector V.10)

① Core operation / Supply chain / Working hours

Long working hours may occur due to work at late night and early morning to cope with time difference with other countries.

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② Core operation / Supply chain / Health and safety

Securing workers' safety in areas of piracy occurrence and regions with geopolitical risks, such as the Straits of Holmes.
Long working hours may cause mental health risks.

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③ Core operation / Supply chain / Discrimination

Foreigners may be treated unfairly in employment and treatment.
There may be uniform treatment of workers without due concern for diversity(SOGI).

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  • *SOGI(Sexual Orientation Gender Identity)

④ Community / Resources / Use of natural resources

Air pollution may be caused by gas discharged from many transportation vehicles passing through the transportation route.
Oil spill accidents may cause marine environmental destruction.

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⑤ Community/Security

Accidents may cause an adverse effect on health and safety of customers, citizens, and other stakeholders.

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⑥ Community / Community Investment

Possibility to contribute to industrial revitalization, tourism promotion, job creation, culture promotion and maintenance of the local livelihood base by connecting people and goods and by long-term commitment. (positive impact)

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⑦ Society and government / Bribery and corruption

Potential risk of being involved in bribery and corruption for example by way of a facilitation payment.

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Human Rights Enlightenment and Education

To avoid violations of human rights, NYK has enlightened all employees and board members about human rights issues, discrimination, harassment, and global trends in human rights, etc., through various training programs such as e-learning, new employee training, training for newly appointed managers and expatriates, and overseas senior management training. NYK has also proactively promoted respect for human rights through articles on the company bulletin board and striven to raise human rights awareness on the annual Human Rights Day and during Human Rights Week in December.

Outside the office, NYK has participated in the Mitsubishi Human Rights Enlightenment Committee organized by Mitsubishi group companies and a breakout session on human rights organized by Global Compact Network Japan. These study groups comprise over 20 companies, and the discussions and lectures with participants on human rights issues has helped NYK deepen its understanding.

In fiscal 2020, LGBT and SOGI (sexual orientation, gender identity) rights protection were featured in the group's e-learning to raise employee awareness of human rights.
During Human Rights Week in December, NYK provided education on the main themes of "business and human rights," "NYK's human rights initiatives."

Survey Results on Human Rights Awareness in FY2021 (6,949 response)

Do you understand the NYK Group's basic approach to human rights?

Collaboration with Amnesty International Japan

Panel Exhibition of Universal Declaration of Human Rights at NYK Maritime Museum

The NYK Maritime Museum held a panel exhibition on human rights from January 18 to February 16, 2020, in collaboration with Amnesty International Japan. The panels on display illustrated all 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in approachable illustrations that had been translated to easy-to-understand Japanese.
The museum additionally hosted an event that used virtual reality to allow visitors to experience the challenges faced by refugees.

NYK also projected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights panel digital slide show in the head office visitor space from November to December 2019 to coincide with Human Rights Week.

Sponsorship of Film Festival Hosted by Amnesty International Japan

On August 17, 2019, NYK sponsored a movie screening of “Fire at Sea,” or “Fuocoammare” in its original Italian. The documentary captures life on the Italian island of Lampedusa, a frontline in the European migrant crisis. The event was hosted by Amnesty International Japan, and NYK sponsored the film festival in hopes of raising interest in human rights issues in Japan.

Employee Consultation Hotline

NYK has an Ethics & Compliance Hotline for reports and consultations - not only for internal reports but also reports on human rights, discrimination, harassment, fraud, unethical or unlawful conduct, and improper employee conduct in business activities. This hotline allows the company to prevent or correct problems, and to quickly take appropriate remedial action.
The hotline is available to all NYK Group employees at all times via telephone or email, and is designed to protect confidentiality and anonymity and allow direct consultation with external lawyers.In fiscal 2019, a new LGBT consultation service was set up to provide a system for LGBT and related personnel to discuss any workplace worries or difficulties.

Initiatives for LGBT/SOGI

As corporate human rights initiatives have become more important, NYK has started to promote LGBT/SOGI measures. In December 2019, sexual orientation gender identity, or SOGI, was added to the NYK Code of Conduct, and NYK's CSR Guidelines for Partners and Suppliers has also been updated.
The NYK Human Resources Group also invited JobRainbow to conduct LGBT training sessions for HR members, including the board member in charge of HR, and the sessions included a virtual reality experience to examine the challenges faced by the LGBT community.
Since April 2021, we have held a Diversity and Inclusion training program for new employees. Through face-to-face talks, lectures on basic LGBT issues, and group work, each new employee was able to gain new awareness and recognize the importance of diversity and acceptance. In addition, through the company's e-learning educational activities and the establishment of an LGBT consultation service, we promote understanding of LGBT and SOGI issues to all employees.

Training being conducted by JobRainbow
Virtual reality experience

Anonymous Survey Result for LGBT/SOGI (target 1000 employees in NYK HQ)

Do you know the word LGBT?
Do you know the word SOGI?