ESG Data

Environmental and Social Data

The Key ESG Performance Data

This section covers important areas where we are strengthening our ESG efforts and explains data the NYK Group is particularly focused on in each category.

Trends in Downtime

The amount of time that operation of our vessels stops due to accidents or other trouble (downtime) is used as an indicator to gauge the degree of safe operations.All onshore and offshore employees work together toward the target of eliminating downtime.

  • *From 2020, the calendar year (CY) is used instead of the company's fiscal year (FY).
    Thus, January-March 2020 data contained in FY2019 is also included in CY2020.

Number of SIMS-equipped Vessels and Number of Anomaly Incidents

SIMS data for vessel machinery is analyzed to improve our ability to quickly detect signs of a potential ship mechanical accident, electrical leakage, fire, or other trouble.

  • *From 2020, the calendar year (CY) is used instead of the company's fiscal year (FY).
    Thus, January-March 2020 data contained in FY2019 is also included in CY2020.

GHG, NOx, SOx Emissions

  • *GHG emission refer only scope1.
  • *For fiscal 2021, we have partially reviewed the scope and revised the figures, certified after recalculation.

GHG emission volumes are monitored and measures taken to reduce emissions by vessel type.

Environmental Protection Cost

The NYK Group seeks to recognize the costs associated with its efforts to protect the environment. Group efforts to prevent global warming and air pollution include equipping its ships with environmental technology, such as electronically controlled engines. In fiscal 2022, we continued to invest for introducing low-carbon fuels, such as LNG and methanol.

R&D Expenses

The NYK Group actively develops technology to improve safety and protect the environment and is currently researching cutting-edge technologies in ship-toshore cyber security and autonomous shiphandling systems.

Number of Patents

  • *Numbers of patents indicate the current number at the end of each fiscal year

We are developing cutting-edge safety and environmental protection technology, including optimal efficiency operation utilizing big data such as the navigation/machinery information of fleets in operation (IBIS-TWO) and the MT-FAST energy-saving hull device that greatly improves fuel efficiency.

Number of NYK Maritime College Seafarers Participants (By nationality)

  • *The number of NYK Maritime College (NMC) participants reflects a decrease in the number of lectures held at training centers since the end of fiscal 2019 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • *In fiscal 2021, the number of HELMS participants increased.

The NYK Maritime College is a system that provides a globally uniform training program regardless of the nationality and training location of seafarers to effectively improve the skills of our seafarers.
We also operate HELMS, which allows seafarers on leave to take training courses online, and we have established a system that allows seafarers to continue their education even during travel restrictions.

Number of NYK Business College Participants(Including group employees)

The NYK Business College training system has over 60 training programs to enhance the overall abilities of group employees.

Ratio of NYK Group Employees by Region (consolidated)

More than 70% of the Group's over 35,000 employees work overseas.

Percentage of Seafarers by Nationality*1

  1. *1Percentage of seafarers at NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd.(officers and crew members)
  2. *2China, Vietnam, Russia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Angola, Panama, Singapore

Number of Women in Management (Including group companies)

The number of women in management positions at the NYK Group has been steadily rising since 1983 when the Company began actively encouraging women's advancement in the workplace

Trends in Monthly Overtime Exceeding Legal Working Hours

  • *Employees working at the NYK headquarters

To manage the progress of the OLIVE project for workstyle reforms, we monitor and internally share data on the trends in monthly overtime exceeding legal working hours.

Number of Participants in Compliance, Antitrust Law, and Prevention of Bribery Training

  • *Compliance training was expanded to overseas Group companies in fiscal 2020.
    The training method at domestic Group companies changed from group to individual training, tailored to the needs of each company

Expertise and Experience of Directors (As of June 21, 2023)