Health and Productivity, Occupational Safety and Health

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease to Increase Corporate Value

The health and safety of our employees is instrumental to the foundation of our business, and as such, our highest priority is to promote health and productivity management for an increase in corporate value.

Working on Land

Health and Productivity Management

To strengthen its health and productivity management, NYK and the NYK Health Insurance Society collaboratively launched the POPEYE project (Promotion of Physical & Mental Enrichment of Yusen Group Employees) in April 2015. The NYK president, as the chief health officer, together with other members of management, the Human Resources Group, the NYK Health Care Center (our inhouse company clinic), and the NYK Health Insurance Society, advocates health and productivity management so that our employees can stay in good health and resultingly maintain a positive disposition and achieve their potential.

POPEYE Project

POPEYE Project Organization Chart

Company clinic

At its head office, NYK has a clinic that is staffed with a company doctor, internists, psychiatrists, and a nurse so that employees may consult and see a doctor whenever they like. Vaccinations are also provided to prevent infectious diseases.

Health checkups

To promote and maintain good health, NYK encourages all employees to get annual checkups. Our goal, however, is not to simply have all employees receive a medical checkup but to provide them with knowledge of their health condition so that they can better avoid disease or reduce its severity. In addition, our company doctor or internist provides medical treatment or guidance to patients requiring additional care.

Employees receiving health checkups
  • *In fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, overseas seconded employees and seafarers were unable to receive medical examinations, and the medical examination rate decreased.

Special medical examinations

At hospitals and specialized clinics, our employees can receive special examinations that include full medical checkups, cancer examinations, and gynecological examinations.

Health checkups before and after overseas assignments

NYK employees often work outside Japan, and our company doctor checks the health of each employee before and after an overseas assignment.

Dental examinations

The NYK Health Insurance Society offers dental examinations for employees at the head office.

Smoking-reduction efforts

The company clinic provides support to employees willing to try to quit smoking.

Employees who smoke

Fiscal Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Percentage 15.3% 15.2% 15.1% 12.7% 12.4%

Health committee

Our company doctor, together with parties concerned from NYK and representatives of the NYK Labor Union, convenes a monthly health committee, at which information is shared about the health and labor situation of employees. The labor union and the Human Resources Group work together to reduce employee overtime by encouraging employees to take days off, etc., because both organizations consider health and safety to be the highest priority.

Company cafeteria

Small bits of information about foods and dietary habits on a cafeteria table

A dietitian-created lunch menu that takes into consideration health by providing, for example, a low sodium or low carbohydrate option, is offered. Calories and salt content are shown for every menu, and small bits of information about foods and dietary habits are placed on cafeteria tables. A Table for Two option is also offered to support school meals for children in undeveloped countries.


We have hosted a number of events to promote health and heighten employee awareness of their own health.
Internists lectured on specific themes; a trainer gave individual guidance to employees who suffer from lower-back pain, shoulder stiffness, and bad posture; and visceral fat was measured using a specialized device.
NYK’s Charity Run+Walk has been held annually since 2017 to contribute to individual health and benefit society.
Donations collected by NYK employees running, walking, and doing exercises, in addition to a matching gift made by NYK, are contributed to an international NPO.

Mental health care

Employees generally do not have a positive disposition if they are not of a sound mind, so NYK makes active efforts to promote mental health care.

  • Psychiatrists work at the company clinic.
  • Consultation with specialists outside the company is available via the internet or phone 24 hours a day for employees and their family members.
  • In Japan, offices with over 50 employees are required by the occupational safety and health law to conduct stress checks. NYK additionally performs them voluntarily at offices with less than 50 employees in Japan and overseas, and on all vessels too.
  • At stratified training programs, a company psychiatrist or an outside instructor lectures about mental health.


The head office also has a massage room, roof-terrace relaxation space with benches and gardens, and a cafe to enhance workplace communication.

Massage room
Roof terrace

Recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization

For a seventh consecutive year, NYK has been recognized in the large enterprise category of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Program, a cooperative initiative by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). The program selects companies engaging in efforts to advance health and productivity management and providing outstanding health management in collaboration with insurers.

Employee Safety Management (in the event of a disaster)

The Group has introduced a safety check system to determine employee status at the time of a disaster, such as an earthquake. This enables the company to grasp whether employees can keep working, and if not, the earliest possible action to take.
If an earthquake of magnitude 6 or greater occurs at registered cities and offices in the country, a safety confirmation email will be automatically dispatched from the system to the employees. After receiving the email, employees will report their status and that of their family members, and management of each group can check the safety status of each members through the system. The Group plans to continue periodic safety confirmation drills to remain prepared for an emergency.

Working at Sea

Onboard Health Management

Since seafarers work on board a vessel for three to 10 months at a time, they are subject to a unique work environment that involves isolation (long-term isolation from land), dangers (such as maritime accidents), and living and working in the same place (cohabiting on a vessel).

Based on the idea that promoting the health of seafarers not only leads to improved productivity and motivation but also safe operation, below activities for seafarers have continued. NYK will proactively support seafarer health promotion so that they can actively work on board in good spirit.

Main Goals and Initiatives

  1. 1BMI scores under 25 for all seafarer members. The three necessary steps to achieve this goal are (1) reviewing eating habits, (2) enhancing physical exercise, and (3) cultivating a tolerance of mental stress. In 2019, we started “3 min. Exercise”* as an onboard initiative.
  2. 2Intensification of practical training on dangers. We operate a training facility next to the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) in the Philippines, and approximately 7,009 participants have taken courses at the facility since it opened in 2015. (Data as of the end of October 2022.) Additionally, in 2018 we constructed an equivalent facility in India where we actively conduct training for Europeans, including Croatians, and in the future we will aim to expand training opportunities by incorporating new technologies such as VR.
  3. 3Improvement of crew working environment. Since 2021, NYK has been making efforts such as increasing onboard internet speed to improve the communication environment between ship and shore.
  • *3 min. Exercise
    This is an exercise using oriental medicine that is effective against mental health and work disorders

Seafarer Injuries and Illnesses

Managing seafarer health is inevitable for safe vessel operation, so the Group conducts periodic health checks of the seafarer on board in addition to regular health checkups prior to boarding the vessel. Also, by confirming the safety of the onboard environment via activities such as an onboard safety committee, NAV9000, and Near Miss 3000, the Group encourages the improvement of seafarer safety awareness, and this leads to fewer injuries and fatalities. By gathering and analyzing data of injuries and illnesses, and that of Near Miss 3000, we can grasp the rate of occurrence and verify the effectiveness of safety activities to connect them to further improvement.

Reported Seafarer injuries and illnesses

Acquisition of Maritime Labor Convention Certificate

To comply with the ILO Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), the Group prepares MLC certificates for all its operating vessels. Our original safety standard, NAV9000, requires and confirms compliance with main international conventions such as SOLAS, STCW, MARPOL, and MLC, and strives for the improvement of onboard work and safety.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

The Group has obtained ISO 45001 certification to enhance the safety of shipping operations and maintain and improve quality. 11 of the 199 NYK Group companies, or 5%, have obtained the certification (as of February 2023).

NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd.
NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.
NYK Auto Logistics (Kazakhstan) LLP
PT. Puninar Yusen Logistics Indonesia
Yusen Inci Lojistik ve Ticaret A.S.
Yusen Logistics (Australia) Pty.Ltd.
Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o.
Yusen Logistics (Polska) Sp. z o.o.
Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd.
Yusen Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Communication with Seafarers and their Family Members

To enhance communication with seafarers on board and their family members, the Group holds seafarers assemblies in many areas. We strengthen our correspondence with seafarers family associations by sharing information regarding seafarers, as well as providing family consultations on topics such as education for children.
Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has maintained communication with seafarers by conducting online meetings.

Family gatherings

Working on Land / Working at Sea

Occurrence of Occupational Accidents

We monitor occupational accidents for employees working at the headquarters*1 to reduce the lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)*2.


  1. *1Includes fixed-term employees and employees seconded from group companies
  2. *2LTIFR
    Number of lost-day occupational injury cases / Total working hours × 1,000,000