Energy Conservation Activities, Environmental Education in the Office

Environment Activities at the NYK Head Office

We have established specific action plans and targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

Switched to Electricity Derived from Renewable Energies

NYK switched virtually all electricity at its head office in the Yusen Building to electricity derived from renewable energy sources. This switchover is expected to result in an annual reduction of approximately 2,000 tons of CO2.

Use of LED lights

NYK has installed LED fluorescent lights at company-related facilities. LED lights not only use less electricity but also can be used for longer durations. Furthermore, LED lights that will not affect operation are turned off.

Water-saving devices

Water-saving devices have been attached to faucets in the lavatories.

Optimal use of window shades and air conditioning

We have placed emphasis on making optimal use of window shades and air conditioning.

In summer, a closed window shade during daylight hours can keep heat out and cool air in a building. In winter, closed blinds when the sun is down can keep cold air out and warm air in a building.

Open blinds on a clear winter's day allows warm sunshine to enter.
Closed blinds on a hot summer afternoon reduces the load placed on air conditioners.

Closed blinds on a hot summer afternoon reduce the load placed on air conditioners. It is extremely difficult to maintain comfortable office temperatures, so we coordinate with building management to efficiently maintain a comfortable office environment.

Temperature controls for each floor
Using temperature data from continually monitored floors, we seek to maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient office environment.

We are also making other efforts that will reduce environmental loads, such as turning some office lights off during lunch and other times.

Rooftop Garden

As part of the renovation of the Yusen Building, a rooftop garden was built to reduce the heat absorbed by the building in summer, thus trimming the energy needed to cool the building and the emissions generated as a result. The area has been named the "Green Deck" and includes a lawn, a section where herbs are grown, and even some outdoor fitness equipment. Moreover, the deck provides staff members a sanctuary where they may enjoy lunch outdoors, do a little exercise, and relax among the shrubbery.

Group-wide Environmental E-learning

To raise the environmental awareness of NYK Group employees worldwide, we offer an annual environmental e-learning course. The course is updated annually to provide information about environment-related movements internationally and the NYK Group's initiatives, such as efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and encourage biodiversity.

Environmental Preservation Campaign: The Earth Is Our Home
The Earth is our Home

NYK conducts an environmental-preservation campaign called "The Earth Is Our Home" as part of the company's annual observance of World Environment Day on June 5. This year's campaign included a photo contest, slogan competition, and senryu competition. Through the creation of artwork on the theme of the environment and nature, we provide opportunities to contemplate our impact on the environment.

CO2 Reduction / Light-Down Campaign

Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) conducts a "CO2 Reduction / Light-Down Campaign" on the day of the summer solstice and every July 7, which has been designated as "Cool Earth Day" by the MOE. Through this campaign, the MOE encourages less lighting to reduce electricity use.
(From fiscal 2019, the campaign call by the MOE has ended, and it has been changed to be voluntarily implemented by each company.)

The NYK head office participates in this campaign every year by reducing evening lighting at the company cafe.

Ceiling lights are turned off and natural outside light is utilized. After 5:00 p.m., reduced lighting is supplemented by candlelight. And electricity use (lighting and electrical outlets) on this day is reduced by 30%.