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Virtually All Electricity at Yusen Building Switched to Electricity Derived from Renewable Energies

In February 2022, NYK switched virtually all electricity at its head office in the Yusen Building to electricity derived from renewable energy sources. This switchover is expected to result in an annual reduction of approximately 2,000 tons of CO2.

The renewable energy power to be introduced will come with tracked feed-in tariff (FIT) non-fossil certificates procured by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated and non-FIT non-fossil certificates* designated for renewable energy.

In addition, since all electricity in the Yusen Building will be renewable energy, Yusen Real Estate Corporation (Company name changed to Japan Post Properties Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2022.), an NYK affiliated company, will be able to provide support to tenant companies that wish to report such to various international indices, among others.

NYK has been actively working to introduce renewable energy sources, and its Yokohama branch, NYK Maritime Museum, NYK Hikawamaru, and Port of Yokohama Daikoku C-3 Terminal are already using electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

The NYK Group will continue to view climate change as one of its key management issues and will accelerate its efforts to decarbonize its operations in order to realize a sustainable society.

* Attribute information (power plant) on the CO₂ emission-free value (environmental value) of electricity from feed-in tariff (FIT) renewable energy sources and non-FIT renewable energy sources that are not certified under a feed-in tariff system. Certificates can also be used for SBT compliance and reporting to CDP, an international environmental non-profit organization.

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