Realizing an Inclusive Society

The NYK Group aims to realize a society where all people can live comfortably.

Yusen's Storytelling Volunteers Bring Moments of Joy to the Community

A group of NYK Group volunteers called "Yusen Yomikikasetai" visit a nursing home in Yokohama twice a year since 2005. The volunteers perform a picture-card show, dancing, musical instruments and sing along with the residents at a nursing home. During the visits, the residents gradually start to sing along, clap their hands, and enjoy themselves, bringing smiles to all those involved.

Visiting Welfare Facility and Volunteering on Farm

NYK Group employee volunteers have been visiting Hinode Taiyo-no-ie,* a welfare facility in Nishitama, Tokyo, and working a farm owned by the facility twice a year since 2014. Staff and facility residents work the farm together and use the collected produce in their daily meals. After visiting and completing the day's work, we have a barbecue using harvested produce to deepen mutual understanding with the facility residents.

  • *Hinode Taiyo-no-ie
    A facility established by the Taiyo Welfare Association as a place where people with disabilities can live and shine.

Making Envelopes from Vintage Nautical Charts

Since April 2019, NYK Group volunteers have used their lunch breaks to make envelopes from nautical charts that are no longer in use. These envelopes are then donated to the Japan Braille Library and used for mailing products. This program was initiated by Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co. Ltd., which introduced the know-how of how to make these envelopes in 2015.

Support for Swan Bakery

Swan Co. Ltd. was primarily established by the Yamato Welfare Foundation and Yamato Transport Co. Ltd. for the purpose of fostering a society in which all people, including the disabled, can live and work in harmony. Swan opened its first shop in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1998, and the company has established bakeries and franchises nationwide.

In 2005, NYK began buying boxed lunches from Swan Bakery for lunchtime meetings and then in 2006, started to organize semi-monthly visits by Swan teams to NYK's Tokyo head office, giving NYK employees easy access to Swan's baked goods. Since March 2007, the regular visits have extended to other NYK Group offices.

Supporting the Employment of Others in Need

Castanet Nerima is a bakery operated by the social welfare corporation Hanamizuki no Kai. At Castanet Nerima, people can work according to their own abilities. Since 2011, NYK has supported the bakery's operations by selling its homemade sweets at the company's in-house coffee shop.

Donation of Dust Cloths

We collect dust cloths made from towels at home and donate them to NGOs and NPOs. The dust cloths are used for cleaning facilities, shelters, etc.