NYK Group CX Story

Corporate Transformation (CX) is a strategy positioned to support the key strategies of core business advancement and new business development presented in the NYK Group medium-term management plan. We encourage all group colleagues to bring forth their best to take on challenges and achieve our medium-term management plan.

For our long-term vision, we aim to transition from "a Japanese company operating globally" (where the organization operates globally, but key decisions are made in Japan) to "a global company headquartered in Japan" (where the headquarters is located in Japan, and the organization involves employees with diverse backgrounds in decision-making). In pursuit of that vision, we have established an organizational image of the NYK Group for the target year of 2030 and the capabilities required of NYK Group colleagues to achieve the vision.

  • *The CX Story provides detailed information about the CX (Corporate Transformation) mentioned in the medium-term management plan.

CX 2030 vision

Five capabilities required in the NYK Group going forward

We are now cultivating five newly established capabilities as required skills for Group employees to achieve the vision specified in our medium-term management plan.

  1. 1Supporting transformation with Gemba expertise
  2. 2Innovating through new ideas and approaches
  3. 3Thriving in strategic growth areas
  4. 4Leading transformation powerfully
  5. 5Building and operating businesses

Design for organization development

We aim to become a group that encourages all group colleagues to bring forth their best to take on challenges.

To realize the CX 2030 vision, we will advance talent development and organization development." We will also carry out the "enhancement of governance," which will serve as a foundation for supporting both aspects.

  • Talent Development
    • Enhance recruitment and development, and promote cross-domain assignment
    • Promote D&I
  • Organization Development
    • Strengthen the global HR function
    • Advance understanding of the Group's mission
    • Improve employee engagement
  • Enhancement of governance
    • Promote localization of group company management
    • Implement management standards

More detailed information about each is provided below.

CX Strategy to realize CX 2030 vision

Talent Development

・ Enhance recruitment and development, and promote cross-domain assignment
To advance the core business and develop new ones, we must transcend the conventional framework for value creation. Therefore, we are shifting our focus towards developing business leaders who possess distinctive job performance skills, moving away from homogeneous talent development. To develop talent and advance the company's development, we will implement the measures below.

  1. 1Encourage colleagues to bring forth their best to take on challenges by promoting cross-domain assignments (e.g., expand opportunities for seafarers beyond crewing ships)
  2. 2Expand internal job postings within the Group and enhance opportunities for challenges by promoting autonomous career development
  3. 3Prepare leaders of the next generation to take on Group management responsibilities strategically
  4. 4Promote localization of Group company management and decision-making with diverse perspectives by appointing local colleagues with expertise in business

・ Promote D&I
To promote D&I, we will implement the measures below.

  1. 1Establish a D&I policy by the end of fiscal 2024 and make it the code of conduct for promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the Group
  2. 2Promote cross-border assignment among Group companies and foster diversity in the organization
  3. 3Create an environment where everyone can do their best regardless of gender or nationality. For example, we will encourage female colleagues to take on challenges to increase the proportion of female employees and managers, thereby diversifying decision-making
  4. 4Continue our efforts to foster a culture where individual efforts are recognized and valued within the organization, as well as work on improving systems and processes to support this

Organization Development

・ Strengthen the global HR function
Strengthen global and regional HR functions and reinforce the global network for implementing various measures to realize our vision.

・ Advance understanding of the Group's mission
We will create a foundation for realizing the vision of the medium-term management plan by improving employee engagement and promoting the integration of our mission and values, which have been rooted in our history since our founding. Specifically, we will implement the measures below.

  1. 1Create a mission movie that reflects our nearly 140 years of history and advance its widespread dissemination within and outside the Group. Additionally, we will organize workshops within the Group to encourage individual ownership and understanding of the mission

・ Improve employee engagement
Analyze the results of the engagement survey and develop action plans for each organization. These action plans will be implemented to enhance employee engagement.

  1. 1Regularly conduct engagement surveys and continue the PDCA cycle to drive organizational improvements

Enhancement of governance

In the process of promoting talent and organization development, we will enhance governance as the foundation to ensure that these elements are aligned and create a synergistic effect. We will establish group management standards globally and advance the development of international talent to participate in them, while also fostering headquarters personnel in Japan who can govern such talent and governance systems. Through these efforts, we will promote the development of global talent across the entire group.