Value Enhancement Processes of NYK Group

Guided by NYK Group Mission Statement of "Bringing value to life", the Group is aiming to grow over the medium- to long-term and create new value for customers and people all over the world.

Origin of Corporate Value

To sustainably improve corporate value through the business foundation that we have continued to reinforce since 1885, the NYK Group advocates ESG management. With this in mind, each employee puts ESG management into practice on the front lines.

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The NYK Group’s Competitive Advantages

Over the years since its foundation, the NYK Group has built up three competitive advantages through its business activities: a free and open corporate culture of mutual respect for diversity that encourages people to take on challenges; high-level technological capabilities that support best-quality, safe transportation services; and human resource capabilities including talented personnel with a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience and training systems. These advantages will provide the driving force for our efforts to achieve sustainable improvements in corporate value.

Financial Base

As a result of the basic strategies carried out under the previous medium-term management plan and the impact of market fluctuations, NYK’s shareholders’ equity ratio has improved significantly. Based on this accumulated financial base, in the current medium-term management plan, we announced our intention to execute business investments in the order of ¥.2 trillion by fiscal 2026.
We will support the steady execution of our management strategy while remaining mindful of an appropriate balance between increasing capital efficiency and making investments for sustainable growth.

Medium-Term Management Plan (ABCDE-X)

We will move toward realizing our new vision through our key strategy (AX and BX), with its two pillars of core business advancement and new business development, and our plan of supporting the key strategy through CX, DX, and EX.

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