Supporting Developing Countries

Utilizing the resources of the NYK Group, we support the realization of a society that can provide equal opportunities for education, health, and labor to people in developing countries.

Transport Assistance for Bicycles and Backpacks

Since fiscal year 2000, NYK has offered free transport to support the Overseas Reconditioned Bicycle Donation Program and School Backpack Supplies to School Children Program in Afghanistan and Cambodia by the JOICFP (Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning). JOICFP is a Japan-based international NGO active in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Major activities focus on family planning, maternal health and HIV/AIDS, with the goal of improving the health and well-being of women, men and young people of the world.

Many of school children in Afghanistan walk over ten kilometers one way along steep mountain paths in order to attend open-air schools. By carrying textbooks and notebooks in school backpacks, they can safely walk along dangerous mountain paths. Previously, the guardians considered their children as wageworkers; however, after observing children commuting to school with school backpacks, they began to become aware of the significance of education. School backpacks are now a symbol of the importance of basic education in Afghanistan.
Started Year: FY2004, Number of Used School Backpacks Transported:248,188

The Municipal Coordinating Committee for Overseas Bicycle Assistance (MCCOBA), organized by local municipalities and the JOICFP, collects and reconditions illegally parked bicycles to donate to developing countries supported by JOICFP. In these developing countries, many roads are unpaved and health facilities are not accessible. The bicycles are donated to birth attendants, community health workers and doctors to help them better provide healthcare in their communities. The bicycles are referred to as "life-saving transportation" or "bicycle ambulance" and recognized as a symbol for activities aimed at protecting the lives and health of community residents.
Started Year: FY2000, Number of Reconditioned Bicycles Transported 40,154

Transport Assistance for Picture Books

Since fiscal year 2004, NYK Group has offered free transport to assist the "Books for Children Campaign" in delivering picture books to children in Southeast Asia. The campaign is organized by the Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA), a non-government organization (NGO) that provides cultural and educational support activities for children in Asia.

The SVA has participated in volunteer activities since 1999 by attaching translations in local languages to picture books written in Japanese. There are not enough schools, teachers, or textbooks in Cambodia and Laos due to national conflicts and poverty, and few local children's book authors. Picture books that are distributed by the SVA, are delivered to libraries in needy areas and used in classrooms to improve literacy and emotional education.

In its support for "Books for Children," NYK recruits volunteers among its staff members, who then respectfully attach translation stickers by hand, one by one, as an expression of their heartfelt concern for the children who will benefit. The spirit behind their effort is: "Let us complete the picture books with our own hands and deliver them by ourselves!" On the last page of each book, NYK Group volunteers write their names in Japanese and in the local language.

These internally completed picture books are combined with others at the SVA office and transported free of charge to Cambodia, Laos, and Camp of refugees from Myanmar in Thailand on an NYK Group-operated container vessel.
Started Year: FY2004, Number of Picture Books Transported:303,632

Selling Fairtrade Products

NYK switched the coffee served inside its head office coffee shop in April 2016 to fairtrade products. As part of the company's social contribution activities and rising employee awareness of global social issues, NYK has been making fair trade products* such as coffee, tea, and chocolates available for sale to employees.


*The WFTO Mark

TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT) Lunch Menu

In April 2009, we started to support the NPO TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT) which seeks to equalize the serious food imbalance around the world. Our cafeteria provides a healthy menu for TFT once a week. For each purchased TFT lunch menu, 20 yen is donated to TFT for one school meal for children in developing countries.

Collection of Used Stamps, Foreign Currency Coins, Used Books

NYK collects used stamps, foreign currency coins, used books, etc. in-house and donates them to support groups. Through each support group, we support children's education and improve the living environment of people facing conflicts and disasters.