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Our mission: Keep the logistics lifeline open!

The NYK Group’s measures to prevent Covid-19

Given the impact that the novel coronavirus pandemic has been having on the world at large, the NYK Group has renewed its social mission to aid the global flow of goods and lifeline products by taking necessary measures to ensure stable operations.

While giving maximum consideration to ensuring employee safety and preventing infections even after the state of emergencies in each country come to an end, the group will continue to presume that the novel coronavirus is prevalent and thus take the below actions as best-practice prevention measures.

NYK Group Measures

▼On ships

▼At logistics warehouses, container and aviation terminals

▼At offices

On ships

Meticulous oversight of crew health through company infection-prevention measures based on WHO guidelines

NYK has established infection-prevention measures based on the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), among others. These measure are being sent to ships in operation for thorough implementation.

  • ・Urging handwashing and mouth washing
    ・Having crews wear protecting equipment such as masks
    ・Conducting temperature checks of all crew members twice a day
    ・Encouraging physical distancing
    ・Performing alcohol disinfection inside the ship
    ・Conducting temperature checks of entering outsiders, including pilots, at  ship entrance
    ・Refraining from nonessential and non-urgent work that requires outsiders to visit the ship, such as mechanical maintainance by technicians, to limit contact with outsiders

Crew members will also be urged to engage in voluntary isolation for 14 days before boarding. During crew changes, crews will be urged to maintain physical distancing and wear protecting equipment to minimize the risk of bringing the virus onto the ships.

Guideline for handling potential onboard infection

Based on advice from consultants who have relations with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NYK has established a guideline to address the case in which a crew member becomes infected with the virus, and this guideline is being provided to vessels in operation for NYK.

  • ・Determining person suspected to be infected with novel coronavirus
    ・Separatiing person suspected to have been infected
    ・Having person(s) caring for the infected crew member wear protective equipment
    ・Reporting to the health department at the port the ship calls
    ・Confirming people who have had close contact with the infected crew within the ship and confining those people to their own rooms
    ・Cleaning inside the ship, etc.

  • Actively engaging international organizations about crew changes

Because of Covid-19 related limitiations by counties on the transport of people, delays in crew changes have become a serious problem.

Crews of cargo ships usually disembark after working for three to six months on a ship, but because crew nationalities vary, the country where a crew member disembarks differs from the crew member’s home country in many cases. The disembarking crew member often needs to then travel by airplane or some other means from the country where he/she disembarked to his/her home country. Conversely, when crew members board, in many cases the person must travel from his/her home country to another country.

Many countries are currently limiting the transport of people, so crews already on board are being forced to extend their working period, while crews anticipating boarding are being forced to continue waiting at home. Changing crews on a regular basis is necessary to maintain mental and physical health, as well as crew employment, and the disruption of this cycle can have a significant impact on international marine transportation, which is a lifeline for us all.

NYK is actively deliverying opinions on this topic to international organizations such as International Maritime Organization (IMO) through the Japanese Shipowners’ Association.

At logistics warehouses, container and aviation terminals

  • Covid-19 prevention measures at logistics warehouses, container and aviation terminals

At NYK Group logistics warehouses and container and aviation terminals, the below measures are being implemented in accordance with each company’s situation.

・Having warehouse and terminal staff, as well as truck drivers, wear masks
・Conducting temperature checks and performing body disinfection when entering facilities
・Establishing multiple waiting rooms for working staff
・Conducting pre-work meetings outside
・Installing acrylic plates and transparent vinyl curtains in departments where contact with outside people occur

  • Covid-19 prevention measures at Nippon Cargo Airlines

The below measures have been implemented for the cargo aircraft that Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) operates.

  • ・Disinfecting inside the cockpit
    ・Limiting the number of people who are allowed to enter the cargo airplanes
    ・Conducting temperature checks of flight crews and requiring them to wear masks
    ・Requiring flight crews to refrain from going outside certain areas

NCA is an airline that transports only cargo. Passengers do not fly on the company’s airplanes. Additionally, flight crews do not handle the cargo.

Ensuring safe customs clearance through flexible working measures, e.g., utilizing satellite offices

For import and export customs clearance, which is essential for smooth international logistics, flexible measures, such as having staff work at satellite offices, are being implemented at the NYK Group companies’ domestic offices to avoid close contact among staff in limited spaces.

At offices

  • Implementing new work styles, e.g., working remotely

At NYK’s domestic offices, a gradual work-style change has been implemented in response to the state of emergency declared by the government of Japan.
At NYK Group companies as well, a number of measures have been implemented, including working remotely from home, conducting internal meetings and training online, curbing or postponing business trips, and conducting meetings with customers online.

  • Moving recruitment activities and financial-results presentations online

NYK has moved online all recruiting seminars for new graduates, in addition to the interview process. On May 25, the presentation of the company’s financial results for the fiscal year ended March 2020 was also conducted online.

  • Uploading encouraging material for kids and posting content on SNS

To encourage kids who have been at home for extended amounts of time, NYK has uploaded videos introducing the Hikawa Maru museum ship and the NYK Maritime Musem on the company’s official YouTube channel.
NYK has also been posting information on the company’s official SNS accounts.

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