NYK Encourages Its Male Staff to Proactively Participate in Housework and Childcare

On February 21, NYK held a Papa-Mama Seminar to encourage men to proactively participate in housework and childcare.

As the number of working mothers has increased, the cooperation of partners is helpful for woman to have fulfilling careers.

At the seminar, Koji Azuma, a director of the non-profit organization Fathering Japan, made a presentation about the merits for men to participate in housework and childcare, and participants were captivated by a task table that allowed them to visualize the share of housework. A group discussion followed, and comments from employees included “Many men joined the seminar, and it provided a good opportunity to think again about our work style;” “I feel the necessity to reform management’s awareness of staff members who have restricted workstyles required of dual-career couples having to coordinate childcare and work;” and “it was a good opportunity to think about work and childcare.”

NYK promotes a workplace environment active with diverse human resources. In fiscal 2017, female managers accounted for 16 percent of managers, and the ratio of men taking child care leave reached 40 percent. The NYK Group will continue to make efforts to strengthen its human resources by recognizing the importance of work-life integration and reviewing workstyles to make efficient use of time, as the company strives to help employees find a suitable balance between work and personal life.

During the presentation by Mr. Azuma

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