NYK's President, Captains, and Chief Engineers Exchange Opinions on Safe Operations

August 24, 2018

On August 23, 19 NYK executive officers and a group of seven vessel captains and chief engineers held a meeting at NYK headquarters in Tokyo to openly exchange opinions about the safe operation of vessels that the NYK Group is managing and operating.

-- About the Campaign
The Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign is conducted for two months from July 1 every year, and draws on the lessons learnt from the crude oil tanker Diamond Grace oil spill to encourage all NYK Group members to bear in mind the importance of safe operations.

At the meeting
-- About the Meeting
This meeting is chaired by NYK president Tadaaki Naito, who oversees NYK’s Safety and Environmental Management Committee,* so that top management can directly exchange opinions with captains and chief engineers to develop further practical measures with respect to safe operation of our vessels.

At the meeting, president Naito commented, “Environmental regulations are being tightened, and I would like you to strengthen NYK Group’s competitiveness by quickly responding to these regulations.”

Second from left in far side,
President Naito at Grand Vega

In addition, as part of the safety campaign, President Naito visited Grand Vega, a pure car and truck carrier, at Yokosuka Shinko pier in Kanagawa prefecture on August 14. During the visit, the president discussed with the vessel captain and chief engineer the importance of communication in daily duties and the issues ships face with the strengthening of regulations.

NYK will further advance its safety management systems, positioning navigational safety as one of its most important tasks, and will aim to strengthen the company’s competitiveness by hearing directly from those operating the vessels.

- Remember Naka-no-Se Safety Campaign Schedule
July 2: Safety awareness symposium to ensure understanding of past lessons
July 3: Safety awareness competition for shipowners and ship-management companies
July 4 and 9: Safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies
August 1: Crisis-response drill
August 23: Safety promotion conferences attended by NYK president, captains, and chief engineers

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