NYK Awarded Shipowners and Ship-management Companies for Safety Awareness Initiatives

July 4, 2018

NYK held a “Brush Up on Safety Awareness” competition on July 3, and three shipowners and ship-management companies — i.e., Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd., Seno Kisen Co., Ltd., and NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd. — were recognized for their effective and original implementation of measures to motivate further safety awareness and encourage a sense of ownership among crew members.

- About the Campaign
The Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign is conducted for two months from July 1 every year, and draws on the lessons learnt by the crude oil tanker Diamond Grace oil spill to encourage all NYK Group members to bear in mind the importance of safe operations. During the campaign, NYK board members, employees, and related partners visit vessels to share safety-related material with officers and crews and deepen mutual understanding of safe operation.

- Competition
The purpose of the competition is to share safety measures which each companies have implemented during the year, under the theme of motivating further safety awareness and encouraging a sense of ownership among crew members.
Nineteen shipowners and ship-management companies, both domestic and foreign, participated in this competition. Seven finalists made presentations and the top three companies receiving the most votes from 29 participant companies and NYK were recognized at the ceremony. NYK continues to communicate with its partners, and implement initiatives for further safe operation.

The greatest mission of the NYK Group is to deliver our customers’ goods safety and securely. NYK continues to work steadily to ensure safe operation on land and at sea.

- Remember Naka-no-Se Safety Campaign Schedule
July 2: Safety awareness symposium to keep past lessons
July 3: Safety awareness competition for shipowners and ship-management companies
July 4 and 9: Safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies
August 1: Crisis-response drill
August 23: Safety promotion conferences attended by NYK president, captains, and chief engineers

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