NYK Subsidiary to Install Wind Turbines at Logistics Terminal in Belgium

January 23, 2018

A wholly owned NYK subsidiary company, International Car Operators N.V. (ICO), will install up to 11 wind turbines on the grounds of a finished-car logistics terminal that ICO owns and operates in Zeebrugge, Belgium. The installation will be done together with the Port of Zeebrugge and Engie Electrabel, a local electricity and gas supplier, and the turbines are planned to begin operation in mid-2019.

The generators will be placed in an area suitable for wind power generation, and produce power efficiently without disturbing terminal operations. This installation is also in line with the energy policy of Belgium, which proactively encourages the use of renewable energy.

The NYK Group has already implemented environmentally friendly initiatives at a number of finished-car logistics terminals. Solar panels have been installed, LED port lights have been introduced, and water used to wash cars is being recycled. By implementing wind power generation, we get one step closer to our goal of operating "green” terminals.

To reduce negative impacts of the supply chain on the environment, the NYK Group will continue to proactively promote its Green Terminal policy globally.

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International Car Operators N.V. (ICO)
ICO, a wholly owned NYK subsidiary company in Belgium, operates terminals for finished-cars in the ports of Zeebrugge and Antwerp, two important hubs for importing and exporting finished cars in Europe. In addition to its cargo handling service, ICO also provides value-added services such as inspection before car delivery and installation of accessories.
Head Office: Zeebrugge, Belgium
Website: http://www.icoterminals.com/en

Port of Zeebrugge
Head Office: Zeebrugge, Belgium
Website: https://www.portofzeebrugge.be/en

Engie Electrabel
Head Office: Brussels, Belgium
Website: http://corporate.engie-electrabel.be/
Zeebrugge port

ICO terminal at Zeebrugge port
Wind turbines

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