NYK and Dualog Enters into Strategic Partnership for Joint Innovation

May 31, 2017


From left,
Second; Mr. Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO of Dualog
Third; Ms. Dilek Ayhan,
Deputy minister of Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry
and Fisheries
Forth; Mr. Hiroshi Tabata,
Vice-Minister for International Affairs of Japanese MLIT
Fifth; Svein Steimler, Corporate Officer of NYK

NYK, one of the largest shipping companies and a leader in maritime innovation in the world and Dualog, a cutting-edge innovator in maritime IT, enters a strategic partnership.

The strategic partnership will focus on pushing the boundaries for automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and for Big Data analysis. Together, the NYK Group and Dualog will spark the new digital platform at sea.

The partnership will centre on advanced technology that will benefit the maritime industry at large:
•Data gathering from an expanding array of on board sensors and monitoring equipment

•Reliable ship to shore communication
•Data science and data analytics to benefit business development, revenue and efficiency
•Monitoring of ship equipment, event analysis, and intelligent alerts
•Preventive equipment maintenance
•Automation and machine learning
During the presentation at the Nor-Shipping conference
Second from left; Hideyuki Ando,
senior general manager of MTI

Both parties understand that this partnership is a broad investment into technology that will contribute to leading the industry. The immediate focus is a long-term project for enhancing the on board IoT platform coupled with a reliable and efficient data transfer for Big Data analysis.

The partnership will leverage the technology focus and the growing cooperation between the Japanese and Norwegian maritime industries. The parties will bring in knowledge, competence and talent to innovate and increase efficiency in the maritime business.

The signing ceremony of the partnership was held at Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries in Oslo attended by Mr. Svein Steimler, Corporate Officer of NYK and Mr. Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO of Dualog in front of Mr. Hiroshi Tabata, Vice-Minister for International Affairs of Japanese Ministry of
Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and Ms. Dilek Ayhan, Deputy minister of Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, and others from both the Japanese and Norwegian Government on Monday, 29th of May.

Ms. Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO of Innovation Norway introduced the partnership as a prominent example of collaboration between Japanese and Norwegian companies in the session of “Wave of change” at the Nor-Shipping conference on Tuesday, 30th of May.

At the same session, Dr. Hideyuki Ando from NYK took part in the round table discussion “Transforming Tomorrow” together with other key players in the industry. They shared insights from their digital journeys, as well as perspectives on key factors to succeed with digital transformation.


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NYK Line, No.1 Public Relations Team, Tel: +81 3 3284 5197
Dualog, Morten Lind-Olsen, Tel: +47 906 89 441
Innovation Garage, Geir Isene, Tel: +47 4550 2470

About NYK
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha is one of the world's leading transportation companies. At the end of March 2017, the NYK Group was operating 799 major ocean vessels, as well as fleets of planes and trucks. The company's shipping fleet includes 372 bulk carriers, 111 car carriers, 97 containerships (including semi-containerships), 70 LNG carriers (including those owned by equity method affiliates), 63 tankers, 43 wood-chip carriers, one cruise ship, and 42 other ships (including multipurpose and project cargo vessels). NYK's revenue in fiscal 2016 exceeded $17 billion, and as a group NYK employs about 36,000 people worldwide. NYK is based in Tokyo and has regional headquarters in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo.

About Dualog
Established in 1994, Dualog provides a maritime digital platform which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. It enables and optimises all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels. Dualog’s IT solutions are installed on more than 3000 ships in worldwide trades.

Dualog has its roots from the Arctic University, and it is renowned for its customer driven development and operations at the highest standards. Dualog offers solutions for resilient cyber infrastructure and its innovative solutions are created in a passionate in-house research and development environment.

In 2016 the Innovation Garage was established, a Dualog Moonshot to deliver boundary-pushing communication and application platform to the global shipping industry.

For more information on Dualog, please go to www.dualog.com or email: sales@dualog.com 

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