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NYK Announces First Chief Engineers from NTMA and Internal Training Program

NYK has announced the promotion of Daisuke Miwa and Edwin Palacios Privado to the position of chief engineer. Daisuke Miwa successfully completed NYK’s internal training program* and Edwin Palacios Privado is a graduate of the NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA).**

For the NYK Group, safe ship operation is the number one priority in ESG management. The development of excellent human resources is particularly important for achieving safe operations, and we have established various training systems.

To secure a stable supply of human resources from a wide range of sources, NYK decided to begin its own internal training program from 2006. NYK recruits graduates of general four-year universities*** and technical colleges and trains them over a two-year period to acquire the necessary licenses to become marine engineers through an in-house program. In total, more than 100 employees have obtained seafarer’s licenses through this program.

Additionally, NYK established NTMA with the aim of developing talented Filipino seafarers. NTMA has maintained a high pass rate for graduates on the Philippine Sea Technology National Examination with its own curriculum and boarding training and has graduated more than 1,250 seafarers who currently serve on board ships operated by the NYK Group.

NYK Senior Managing Executive Officer Tomoyuki Koyama commented, “Safety is the foundation of all business activities of NYK, and we consider the development of human resources to support this foundation to be of great importance. Personnel with a wide range of knowledge and diverse backgrounds are in high demand, so we are very pleased to have the first chief engineers from our internal training program and NTMA at the same time. We will continue to focus on securing and fostering excellent human resources to make NYK a source of competitiveness.”

Brief biographies and comments of the two chief engineers are as follows.

Daisuke Miwa

Biography: Joined NYK in April 2006. Miwa has worked on 13 vessels including PCTCs, LNG carriers, and dry bulk carriers. He was promoted to first engineer in July 2018 and chief engineer in April 2022. He is currently engaged in training seafarers at NYK Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd. Singapore.

Comment: I joined NYK knowing very little about ships, but after gaining onboard experience on various vessels, I finally become a chief engineer. Currently, I am teaching NYK seafarers at a training center in Singapore. In the spirit of "Bringing value to life," I will continue to work hard to improve myself and my work to bring NYK's value to the world, regardless of whether I am working at sea or on land.

Edwin Palacios Privado

Biography: Joined NTMA in 2007, graduated in 2011. Privado has worked on 10 vessels, including containerships, PCTCs, and dry bulkers. He was promoted to 1st engineer in January 2018. After serving on four subsequent vessels, he was promoted to chief engineer of the dry bulker MV Frontier Discovery in April 2022.

Comment: I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be one of pioneering batch of NTMA graduates to be promoted as chief engineer on a dry cargo vessel operated by NYK group. I am honored to be given this chance and hope to be an inspiration to my colleagues, especially my NTMA brothers. I would like to send my greatest appreciation to all my NTMA mentors, the NYK and TDG family, and those who have helped me reach this milestone. I would also like to thank the officers, engineers and crew, especially to CE Jose O. Jacob Jr. of MV Frontier Discovery for giving me his confidence and trusting in my abilities. I will strive to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the vessels throughout my career as a chief engineer of NYK Line.

In February 2021, NYK released the “NYK Group ESG Story,” which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy and promotes activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through business activities. In March this year, NYK released the updated “NYK Group ESG Story 2022,” which introduces initiatives for integrating ESG into the Group’s management strategies set forth in the "NYK Group ESG Story" and provides a partial explanation of the Group’s sustainable growth strategy from a long-term perspective.

NYK will continue to provide safe marine transport services by developing experienced seafarers and will promote the creation of new value as a "Sustainable Solution Provider" by creating an environment and workplace culture in which diverse human resources can play an active role.

* An educational program for maritime positions established by NYK. The program provides two years of training to acquire the knowledge and skills to work at sea, and in the third year, the shipboard work as an engineer and officer begins.

** NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA)
・Establishment: June 3, 2007
・Students: 120 per academic year in two academic disciplines, 60 in marine navigation and 60 in marine engineering
・Instructors & Staff: Approximately 70
・Location: Canlubang, Calamba City (a suburban city about a one-hour drive from Manila)
・Curriculum: Four years (three years of academic study and one year of onboard training)
・Mission: To foster global seafarers through higher education by focusing on building an individual’s sense of humanity and providing training in practical maritime technologies.

​​​​​​​*** In this news release, general four-year universities refer to universities under the new system after World War II with the exception of maritime universities.

<NYK Group ESG Story>
A guideline detailing concrete efforts to integrate ESG principles into management strategies of the NYK Group.
Details: https://www.nyk.com/english/esg/esg-story/

<The NYK Group ESG Story 2022>
Details: https://www.nyk.com/english/news/2022/20220324_01.html

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