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NYK Recognized as Platinum Partner by TABLE FOR TWO

NYK has received a certificate of appreciation from TABLE FOR TWO International (TFT) recognizing the company as a Platinum Partner for the company’s support in fiscal 2021.

TABLE FOR TWO International is a non-profit organization to right the food imbalance around the world.

In 2009, NYK began selling TFT healthy lunchboxes in support of TFT's activities and donated a sum of money to the organization based on the number of boxed meals sold.

Moreover, since 2013 NYK has been serving TFT healthy menus once a week in its employee cafeteria, with the 20 yen donated per meal being equivalent to one school meal for a child in need. Through February 2022, sales have amounted to donations equivalent to 49,300 school lunches.

In addition, NYK’s head office is equipped with TFT vending machines, and for every beverage purchased, NYK and Kirin Beverage Company donates 2% of the total sales amount to TFT.

In 2021, NYK donated funds to help TFT maintain its activities during the spread of COVID-19.

As a good corporate citizen, NYK will continue to actively seek solutions to social issues.

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The Challenge to Solve Social Issues


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