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New LNG-fueled PCTC Delivered

Next-generation eco-friendly ship following SAKURA LEADER

On March 24, NYK took delivery of Plumeria Leader, a pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) capable of navigating oceans with only LNG as the ship’s main fuel. The vessel was built at the Shin Kurushima Dockyard of Shin Kurushima Toyohashi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
This is NYK's second LNG-fueled car carrier following the Sakura Leader.

By vessel modification and the switch to LNG, Plumeria Leader will make the ship up to approximately 40% more energy efficient (by reducing CO2 emissions per unit of transport) compared to ships using conventional heavy oil fired engines. The vessel is also expected to reduce sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions by approximately 99% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by approximately 86% compared to ships using conventional heavy oil fired engines.

A delivery ceremony was attended by Kyogo Onoue, Chief Officer, TPS Group of the Toyota Motor Corporation (head office: Toyota city, Aichi prefecture; president: Akio Toyoda); Takaya Soga, Senior Managing Executive Officer of NYK. The ship was named “Plumeria Leader” to express our wish to realize and pass on a rich global environment through environmentally friendly transportation and to leave beautiful flowers to the future.
This ship will be one of the world’s largest PCTCs, capable of transporting approximately 7,000 units (standard vehicle equivalent) per voyage, beginning with vehicles produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Fourth from left in front row; Kyogo Onoue, Chief Officer, TPS Group of the Toyota Motor Corporation
Fourth from right in front row; Takaya Soga, Senior Managing Executive Officer of NYK
※* Face masks were removed immediately prior to the photo.

NYK set a long-term target of net-zero emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) by 2050 for the NYK Group's oceangoing businesses.

NYK is positioning LNG fuel as one of the bridge solutions until future zero-emission ships are realized and plans to take delivery a total of 20 new LNG-fueled car carriers by 2028.
As soon as technological innovation progresses, NYK aim to switch zero-emission vessels utilizing low-emission marine fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.

On February 3, NYK released the NYK Group ESG Story, which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy and promotes activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through business activities. On March 24, 2022, NYK announced the NYK Group ESG Story 2022, which introduces initiatives and measures of those activities and our sustainable growth strategy from a very long-term perspective.

To strongly promote ESG management, the Automotive Transportation Headquarters has set up the Sail GREEN project* to expand the network of environmental value chains at each company of the NYK Group and thus create new value as a sustainable solution provider.

<The NYK Group ESG Story>
A guideline detailing concrete efforts to integrate ESG into management strategies of the NYK Group.
Details: https://www.nyk.com/english/news/2021/esg-story_01.html

< The NYK Group ESG Story 2022>
A presentation that introduces initiatives for integrating ESG into management strategies as set forth in the "NYK Group ESG Story" and measures for the current fiscal year.
Details: https://www.nyk.com/english/news/2022/20220324_01.html

* Sail GREEN project
A project being promoted by NYK’s Automotive Transportation Headquarters to reduce CO2 emissions at all the transportation stages of vehicles and contribute to the eco-friendly supply chains of customers. The chief component of the project is a switch to LNG-fueled PCTCs, which emit less CO2 compared to conventional heavy-fueled vessels. In addition, reducing CO2 emissions at finished-car logistics terminals that NYK operates throughout the world, as well as during short sea and inland transportation, is also an important target of this project.

<NYK’s PCTC Fleet Composition Transition Plan(2020~2050)>(as of March 2022)

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