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NYK Reports

From fiscal 2013, we united our annual report and CSR report into a single publication, the NYK Report. The NYK report aims to provide further understanding of the general business activities of the NYK Group by focusing on the group's growth strategies and the CSR activities on which the strategies are based.

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Supplementary Volume NYK SPARK BOOK PDF file [Download all pages]
This booklet provides a detailed look at challenges faced and solutions advanced in a number of enterprises.





Annual Report 2012 (PDF: 15.6MB)

  • Financial Highlights
  • Management's Message
  • Special Feature: Taking on the Challenge of Stabilizing Earnings
    Reporting on Our Progress under the Medium-Term Management Plan “More Than Shipping 2013”
  • Review of Operations, etc.


Annual Report 2011 (PDF: 12.6MB)

  • Message from NYK's Executive Officers
  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Special Feature: Grow with Asia, Expand across the Globe
  • Review of Operations, etc.


Annual Report 2010 (PDF: 12.4MB)

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • NYK—Comprehensive Global-Logistics Group
  • Navigating the Way Forward—Message from Management
  • Special Feature—Bold Initiatives to Fuel Further Growth, etc.


Annual Report 2009 (PDF: 3.7MB)

  • NYK Group Mission Statement/NYK Group Values
  • Interview With the President: A Way Forward
  • Feature: Global Logistics Strategy
  • Toward Reduction of CO2, etc.


Annual Report 2008 (PDF: 6.1MB)

  • History of the Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • President's Message
  • Special Feature 1: The Previous Medium-Term Management Plan—New Horizon 2007, etc.


Annual Report 2007 (Flash)

  • Ten-Year Financial Highlights
  • From the Top
  • Business at a Glance
  • Liner Trade Business, etc.


Annual Report 2006 (PDF: 1MB)

  • Ten-Year Financial Highlights
  • Message from the President
  • Review of Operations
  • Global NYK Group Business Infrastructure Covering Ocean, Land, and Air, etc.


Annual Report 2005 (PDF: 1.3MB)

  • Financial Highlights
  • Message from the President
  • “New Horizon 2007” — Our Medium-Term NYK Group Management Plan
  • Integrated Logistics Operations, etc.


Annual Report 2004 (PDF: 1MB)

  • Message from the President
  • “Forward 120” — Our Medium- to Long-Term Group Management Vision
  • Review of Operations
  • Seizing New Opportunities in the PRC, etc.


Annual Report 2003 (PDF: 1MB)

  • Message from the President
  • Forward 120—Our Medium- to Long-Term Group Management Vision
  • Interviews on Forward 120 Challenges
  • Review of Operations, etc.


Annual Report 2002 (PDF: 771KB)

  • The Way Forward
  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Holding Our Course Management's Perspective
  • Connecting with Customer Needs, etc.


Annual Report 2001 (PDF: 1.5MB)

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Management's Perspective — Steering Our Course to Meet the Goals of NYK21
  • Plotting the Right Course to Our Objectives
  • As We Journey Forward, etc.


Annual Report 2000 (PDF: 1.6MB)

  • Consolidated Financial Highlights
  • Management's Perspective — Steering for Growth
  • Review and Outlook by Principal Business Segment
  • Maintaining High Standards of Customer Service and Satisfaction, etc.


Annual Report 1999 (PDF: 1.2MB)

  • Financial Highlights
  • The Message from the Management
  • Financial Review
  • Operational Review, etc.


Annual Report 1998 (PDF: 796KB)

  • The Message from the Mana
  • Newbuildings Delivered in Fiscal 1997- in Highlights
  • Investor Information
  • Financial Review, etc.


Annual Report 1997 (PDF: 805KB)

  • A Message from the Management
  • 1996 Highlights
  • Management's Analysis
  • Operational Review, etc.


Annual Report 1996 (PDF: 1MB)

  • A Message from the Management
  • Management's Discussion and Analysis
  • Non-consolidated Financial Statements
  • Consolidated Financial Statements, etc.
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