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Yusen Logistics Subsidiary Acquires Dutch Auto Parts Delivery Company

Active investment in logistics business, a growth engine for the NYK Group

On April 30, Yusen Logistics (Benelux) B.V. ("YLBX"), a subsidiary of Yusen Logistics, acquired Parts Express B.V. ("Parts Express"), a Dutch logistics company with strengths in the delivery of auto parts. YLBX operates a logistics business mainly in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) and is particularly strong in services for specific industries such as automotive, healthcare, and retail. With this acquisition, YLBX will further strengthen its logistics services to the automotive industry, a priority business for the company.

The NYK Group positioned the logistics business as a core business in its medium-term management plan, announced in March 2023. This M&A, on top of the recent acquisitions below, will further strengthen the Group's logistics business.

  • Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc. acquired U.S. logistics company Taylored Services Parent Co., Inc. in February 2023
  • International Logistics Group Limited acquired a U.K. delivery service platform in February 2024

The NYK Group will continue to invest aggressively in the logistics business.

Strengths of Parts Express

(1) Parts Express has the largest market share in Benelux for the delivery of auto parts (aftermarket parts, spare parts, etc.). The company specializes in delivering fragile aftermarket parts like car windows, mufflers, and challenging-to-transport parts.
(2) The company has built a stable customer portfolio with automakers and parts suppliers from Japan, Europe, the U.S., South Korea, and other countries.
(3) Parts Express offers a full range of overnight delivery services with cross-docking service* with five locations in the Netherlands and four in Belgium.

Comment by Norbert Van Duuren, General Manager of Parts Express
"Joining forces with Yusen Logistics opens up a world of possibilities for our team and customers. Together, we're empowered to deliver value and service excellence to our customers, not only in the Benelux region but also beyond. This marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of it."

Parts Express B.V. Overview

Headquarters Vianen, Netherlands
Business activities Cross-docking service, overnight delivery service
Establishment 1892
Number of employees Approx. 600 (including indirect employees)
Number of trucks in operation Approx. 400 (including leased and chartered trucks)
Number of freight shipments Approx. 1 million per year
Website https://partsexpress.eu/en

*Cross-docking operation
Cross-docking is an operation in which goods are received, inspected and sorted, and then shipped directly to the destination. Since goods are not stored in a warehouse, the time from receiving to delivery is short.

From left, Bruno Jacques, Managing Director, YLBX; Norbert Van Duuren, General Manager, Parts Express

Business investment policy featured in NYK’s medium-term management plan

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