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NYK Employee Volunteer Program Generates Nearly 2 Million Yen in Donations for Charities

36 Group Companies Participating, 694 Employees Contributing

NYK has donated 1,910,540 yen to two charities, one supporting environmental conservation and another assisting developing countries. This amount was calculated using the "Yusen Volunteer Point" system, which allocates points to volunteer activities conducted by NYK Group employees and then converts those points to a monetary amount.

Under this system, NYK Group employees receive points for their registered volunteer activities, and NYK then converts each point into two yen to be donated to a social action charity. The charities are selected based on a questionnaire completed by participants who have registered points. Once a year, awards are presented to participating companies and employees who have attained the most points, with the aim of promoting volunteer activities Groupwide.

In fiscal 2023, 694 employees from 36 NYK Group companies participated in this activity. The growth in registration of volunteer activities encouraged by the Group companies resulted in a total of 955,270 points being registered, an increase of 89.7% over the previous year.

We will continue proactively addressing social and environmental issues under the theme of "giving back to the ocean, the earth, and its people" and are accelerating our efforts to resolve these issues through various activities, including the Yusen Volunteer Point initiative.

Asahi Shipping Co. Ltd. President and CEO Satoshi Nemoto (center) and Shuta Okabe (left), Team Leader of Asahi Shipping’s General Affairs & Personal Team, receiving the NYK Group top company volunteer award from Takaya Soga, NYK President and CEO

2023 Top Companies

Group Company Division (Number of Employee Volunteers)
Award Company Name Activities
1st place Asahi Shipping Co., Ltd. Creation of nautical chart envelopes; beach cleanup activities in Cebu, Philippines
2nd place Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd. Creation of nautical chart envelopes; Arakawa River cleanup activities
3rd place YCS Co., Ltd. Disaster-prevention camp program in the reconstructed Tohoku area; picture book sticker application program
Special award Naikai Tug Boat Service Co., Ltd. Kobe Meriken Park cleaning
Special award Okinawa Maritime Industries Co., Ltd. Charity RUN+WALK+α, aiming to promote employee health and contribute to society*
Special award Asahi Unyu Kaisha, Ltd. Sakushima seaweed bed restoration activities

Individual Employee Category
Award Employee’s Company Employee Activities
1st place YJK Solutions Inc. Coaching boys' and girls' soccer; serving on the board of the city soccer association; serving in public schools
2nd place YJK Solutions Inc. Teaching kendo to local children; working as a town council officer and youth committee member
3rd place Asahi Unyu Kaisha, Ltd. Serving as a support member for a youth baseball team and as a group manager for approximately 30 local teams
Special award YCS Co., Ltd. Activities for nature management and protection; connecting citizens and farmers, etc.

* NYK Group Sustainability Initiative (NYKSI) activity. The NYK Group has developed a range of activities for employees working in the NYK Group to promote the challenge of addressing social issues.

Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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