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A World’s First: NYK Completes Basic Design Process Using Only 3D Drawings for New Oceangoing Vessel

Eliminates Need to Convert 2D Drawings for Quick and Efficient Classification Approval Process

On March 28, NYK received approval for 3D drawing (3D Model-Based Approval) from ClassNK of the basic design of a new multi-purpose container vessel.

This is the first case ever for an oceangoing ship to complete the entire basic design process, including classification approval, using only 3D drawings, according to NYK and ClassNK (as of March 28, 2024).

Currently, 2D drawings of the structural design of new ships are commonly shared between shipowners, shipyards, shipping companies, and classification societies. Even if a shipping company or shipyard has created 3D drawings during basic design, they had to be converted to 2D drawings, which is the established standard format, when applying to classification societies for approval because 3D CAD systems* differ among companies and ship types. In addition, classification societies needed to check whether the requirements were met by using a 3D model evaluation system based on the 2D drawing data they received, making it necessary for both parties to improve efficiency. Moreover, many years of experience and a high level of expertise were required to understand the complex 2D drawings accurately, and the granularity of information-sharing among the parties involved in the design process depended on the person in charge.

In designing the new ship, NYK and ClassNK, who were aware of these issues, worked together to achieve this approval process. We utilized a collaboration system so that the 3D model data created by NYK could be checked on a proprietary system used by ClassNK, thereby eliminating the process of converting the data to 2D drawings. In addition, since the structure of each part of the vessel can be verified directly on the 3D drawings, the design can be understood more intuitively than on the 2D drawings, enabling smooth communication among the parties involved.

The NYK Group aims to procure vessels with higher safety and environmental performance by effectively utilizing 3D drawings to help shorten certification approval periods and promote communication among all parties involved.

* CAD system
Abbreviation for computer-aided design, a software or system for design using a computer

Vessel Particulars

Type of ship: Multi-purpose container ship
LOA: approx. 168 m
Beam: approx. 26 m
Gross Tonnage: approx. 22,000 tons

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