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NYK Group Gives Students Tour of Car Carrier at Nagoya Port

On February 23, NYK and NYK Group company Asahi Unyu Co., Ltd. gave a tour of the car carrier Castor Leader to 22 third- to fifth-grade elementary school students and their parents visiting the port of Nagoya from Aichi and Mie prefectures.

The Chubu Maritime Public Relations Association holds a tour of maritime facilities and ships on an irregular basis to deepen our next generation of leaders' understanding of and interest in maritime work and the ships that support our daily lives.

On the day of the tour, elementary school students and their parents selected by lottery were given a tour of the ship's car loading area, bridge, living quarters, and other areas. The group also listened attentively as NYK’s maritime officers talked about work and life on board.

The NYK Group will continue to actively conduct public relations activities to promote the shipping industry and provide opportunities for people of all ages to experience the appeal of the shipping industry and vessels.

About Castor Leader

Length: 199.99 meters
Breadth: 34.80 meters
Total car capacity: 7,000 units
Gross tonnage: 70,048 tons
Flag: Panama
Delivery: 2015

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