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NYK Donates 1.5 Million Yen to Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture

Continued support for environmental protection on Sakushima

NYK and NYK Group company Asahi Unyu Kaisha, Ltd. will donate 1 million yen and 500,000 yen, respectively, to the city of Nishio for environmental conservation on Sakushima in Aichi Prefecture. A ceremony recognizing the donation was held on February 9 at the Nishio city office.

Sakushima is a remote island in Mikawa Bay surrounded by the Chita and Atsumi peninsulas. Since last year, NYK Group employees have been participating in volunteer activities to plant eelgrass* seedlings to support environmental conservation in the Mikawa Bay area, where many vessels enter and leave port.

The grants will be used mainly for research and restoration activities related to seaweed bed cultivation and the cultivation of eelgrass seedlings. Seaweed beds, often called the “cradle of the sea,” improve water quality and serve as a place for eggs and growth.

At the ceremony, NIshio Mayor Ken Nakamura expressed his gratitude, commenting: “We are very grateful for your support in terms of money and manpower. Your donation will be put to good use to boost our seaweed bed restoration activities further.”

The NYK Group will continue to place ESG at the core of its management to contribute to the prosperity of local communities and industry under the theme of "giving back to the sea, earth, and people."

From left, Takeshi Fujimoto, President and Chief Executive Officer, Asahi Unyu Kaisha; Yusuke Sasada, General Manager of NYK’s Nagoya branch; and Ken Nakamura, Mayor of Nishio City

* Eelgrass
Distributed in the temperate and subarctic zones of the Northern Hemisphere, eelgrass is a seagrass that plays a major role in purifying seawater, supplying oxygen, and providing a home for a wide variety of sea life.

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