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NYK Signs Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement with Hokkaido Government

Aiming to contribute to the promotion of regional logistics and development

On January 23, NYK and the Hokkaido Prefectural Government (Governor Naomichi Suzuki) signed an agreement on collaboration and cooperation ("Agreement"). Prior to the signing, NYK made a donation to the prefecture through the corporate version of Japan’s hometown tax donation program. Through the partnership and cooperation with Hokkaido, NYK aims to strengthen its group business and contribute to regional development, including promoting and revitalizing logistics in the prefecture.

Hokkaido, blessed with abundant nature, is actively working toward the social implementation of carbon-neutral technology. The Ishikari Bay New Port Offshore Wind Farm, Japan's largest commercial offshore wind farm, is located in Hokkaido and began commercial operation on January 1. Future research and business development for the practical application of zero-emission fuels, such as green hydrogen and green ammonia, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology using offshore wind power generated in Hokkaido, is also expected.

In July 2023, the NYK Group began operating a crew transport vessel (CTV) for the offshore wind farm*. The Group aims to participate in the survey, transportation, construction, and maintenance phases of offshore wind power generation projects that are expected to be newly developed in the prefecture. NYK will also contribute to realizing a decarbonized society in Hokkaido by developing ammonia-fueled vessels and CCS projects.

NYK also hopes to contribute further to Hokkaido by meeting the logistics demand associated with constructing semiconductor plants and data centers in Hokkaido and the growing demand for coastal transportation, shifting from trucks to vessels.

Outline of Agreement

NYK and the Hokkaido government will exchange opinions and information based on cooperation and collaboration and work together to resolve issues.

Matters of coordination and cooperation
(A) Logistics-related matters
1. Efforts to promote logistics
2. Efforts to revitalize ports and harbors in Hokkaido
3. Efforts in the transportation business for a stable energy supply

(B) The sustainable revitalization of Hokkaido-related matters
1. Efforts to utilize Hokkaido's food products
2. Efforts to promote tourism in Hokkaido
3. Initiatives to develop human resources for the future of Hokkaido

(C) Other matters deemed necessary by both parties

Date of Agreement
January 23, 2024

Left: Naomichi Suzuki (Governor)
Right: Takaya Soga (NYK President & CEO)

* CTV operations by the NYK Group
NYK owns the CTV, and the NYK Group company Hokuyo Kaiun Co. Ltd., which is based in Hokkaido, operates and manages the vessel.

Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On March 10, 2023, the NYK Group released its medium-term management plan “Sail Green, Drive Transformations 2026 - A Passion for Planetary Wellbeing. ” The NYK Group is promoting growth strategies with ESG at the core, based on the Group’s mission statement of “Bringing value to life” and a new corporate vision for 2030, which reads, “we go beyond the scope of a comprehensive global logistics enterprise to co-create value required for the future by advancing our core business and growing new ones.”

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