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NYK Scholarships Offered for 23rd Consecutive Year in China

More than 1,500 scholarships awarded over 23 years

NYK recently offered scholarships to 82 outstanding students studying in China at Dalian Maritime University (DMU) and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). This marked the 23rd consecutive year since 2001 for NYK to fund the education of students at these two universities. NYK has now awarded dedicated scholarships to a total of 1,529 students at DMU and SMU.

NYK recognized 46 students at DMU on November 28, and 36 students at SMU on December 6. At the ceremonies at both universities, NYK's chief representative for China, Hiroyasu Takaizumi, commented, "The maritime industry is an important infrastructure that is indispensable to the lives of people around the world. We hope that you will use the expertise and experience you have gained at university in the shipping industry and make your mark on the world.” The NYK Group will continue to support maritime education to contribute to global trade and society.

Fourth from left, Zhao Baogang, vice-president of DMU; fifth, Hiroyasu Takaizumi, NYK's chief representative for China

Front row, fourth from left, Hiroyasu Takaizumi, NYK's chief representative for China; fifth, Shi Xin, vice-president of SMU

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