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NYK Group Companies Recognized at 16th Environmental Management Conference

In November at NYK’s 16th Environmental Management Conference, held online this year, two companies were recognized for their improvement of company value. The two — Nippon Container Yuso Co., Ltd. and Kinkai Yusen Kaisha Ltd. — were selected from among 82 domestic NYK Group companies and presented with certificates of commendation on December 22.

NYK holds this conference once a year with NYK Group companies to share information on environmental practices and strengthen environmental management. The two recognized group companies were highly commended for connecting their environmental measures with their business activities as part of the NYK Group’s ESG management practices.

Details of each company’s measures are provided below.

Nippon Container Yuso Co., Ltd.
The introduction of biodiesel fuel provided by Neste in June for land container transport between Tokyo and Yokohama. In addition, efforts were made to reduce CO2 emissions in consideration of the life cycle.

Kinkai Yusen Kaisha Ltd.
Participation in a marine ecosystem survey of environmental DNA, and using vessels to obtain samples of DNA floating in seawater.

From left)
Daiki Takaichi Safety Management Department of Kinkai Yusen
Tsuyoshi Endo Executive Director of Kinkai Yusen
Nana Aoki Liner Operation Division of Kinkai Yusen
Masahiro Takahashi, Executive Officer of NYK
Yutaka Miyaji President of Nippon Container Yuso
Eiichi Takano Head of Sales Department and Sales Planning of Nippon Container Yuso

In addition to the presentation of awards to the companies, a speech titled "Biodiversity and the Role of Companies" was given by Emiko Matsuda, director of the Biodiversity Group at WWF Japan, an environmental conservation organization.

In her speech, Matsuda explained global trends in environmental issues, as well as the stance required of companies, including the Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD).

In addition, Tomoyuki Koyama, senior managing executive officer of NYK, sent a message to each group company, stressing, "Each of our businesses faces various environment-related regulations and issues, but I hope that you will meet the expectations of your stakeholders and meet the demands of society by working diligently to address them.”

In February 2021, NYK released the “NYK Group ESG Story ,” which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy and promotes activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through business activities. In March this year, NYK released the updated “NYK Group ESG Story 2022 ,” which introduces initiatives for integrating ESG into the Group’s management strategies set forth in the "NYK Group ESG Story" and provides a partial explanation of the Group’s sustainable growth strategy from a long-term perspective.

The group will work together to accelerate decarbonization efforts and create new value as a sustainable solution provider needed by society and industry.

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Overview of Each Company

Nippon Container Yuso Co., Ltd.
Head office: Tokyo
President: Yutaka Miyaji
Shareholder: NYK 51%, Nippon Express Co., Ltd. 49%
Website: http://www.ncyjp.co.jp/

Kinkai Yusen Kaisha Ltd.
Head office: Tokyo
President: Kotaro Seki
Shareholder: NYK 100%
Website: https://www.kyk.co.jp/

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