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NYK Holds Training Program for Nominated Staff from around the World

From 5th to 9th December, NYK held "Global NYK Group Week 2022," a training program for nominated locally hired staff from NYK Group companies around the world including Japan.

This program, which has been held at the head office since 2002, is designed to help participants deepen exchanges across national, company, and divisional boundaries, acquire leadership skills to develop the NYK Group into a more competitive group, and enhance loyalty. This year, the program included 13 participants from outside Japan and two from within, and was held face-to-face for the first time in three years.

This year's theme was "Transformational Leadership," and in addition to leadership training by an outside lecturer, group work was conducted to learn innovation techniques. Each group also made a presentation to NYK President Hitoshi Nagasawa and the board members and actively exchanged opinions.

On the last day, participants visited historic shrines and temples in Kyoto and experienced Zen meditation to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. We hope that the participants will take the experiences they gained from the training back to their workplaces and share them with their colleagues.

The NYK Group has identified “human resources” as one of the key issues in its management strategy and is working to strengthen its workforce and organization.

The NYK Group respects the diversity of its employees and the spirit of challenge and is dedicated to the development of its human resources so that the Group can be a place where all employees can work with pride and realize their dreams.

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