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NYK Recognized as Tokyo Sports Promotion Company for Fifth Consecutive Year

NYK has been selected as a Tokyo Sports Promotion Company* for a fifth consecutive year. This year's NYK health promotion event, which has been held annually since 2017, was titled "Charity Run+Walk+α" and was recognized for its further inclusiveness, such as the live streaming of online lessons.

About Charity Run+Walk+α

This event was launched in 2017 to promote the health of the Group's employees through running and walking, which are familiar activities, as well as to spread awareness of social issues. Every year, the sum of the employees' participation fees together with a matching company donation based on the amount of exercise completed is donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.**

This year, we added swimming, bicycling, and yoga/pilates to the program so that even more employees could participate. In addition, as a special benefit of participation, yoga and running lessons by coaches were delivered live online, resulting in 148 participants, more than last year.

NYK will continue this event to contribute to employee health and raise awareness of social contributions.

* Tokyo Sports Promotion Company
A program created by the Tokyo metropolitan government to recognize companies providing support in the field of sports and implementing initiatives to promote sports activities benefiting employees.

** Médecins Sans Frontières
An international, independent, medical humanitarian organization established in 1971. Médecins Sans Frontières Japon (MSFJ) was established in 1992. Website: https://www.msf.org/

Tokyo Sports Promotion Company 2021 Logo

Online running and walking lessons being given by trainers

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