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NYK Welcomes Its Environmental Management Leaders to Tokyo

October 17, 2014

Center, Executive Vice-president Corporate Officer
Tadaaki Naito, who is also NYK's Executive Chief
of Environmental Management, standing with the
Global CEMs and members of the NYK Environment Group

From October 8 to 9, NYK welcomed the NYK Group’s chiefs of environmental management (CEM) to the NYK headquarters in Tokyo for a Global CEM Meeting. CEMs from the regions of East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America were in attendance.
NYK vice president Tadaaki Naito expressed his appreciation for the daily environmental activities in each area and the harmony between the business and environmental pursuits of the NYK Group. The CEMs then shared the results of their activities and provided the latest information on environmental regulations in their regions.
The primary topic of this meeting was the NYK Group’s future environmental policy (Green Policy). The CEMs discussed a proposal and schedule for reducing the number of regions from six to four, in addition to measures in response to the ISO14001 revision scheduled for 2015. Over the two-day meeting, an abundance of information was shared during discussions that bore much fruit, and the CEMs brought a global perspective to active discussions on solutions and challenges for new environmental activities.
NYK plans to convene this Global CEM Meeting to promote efficient and cost-effective environmental activities throughout the group and take an active role in the safety and environmental fields based on the NYK Group’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan.
The NYK Group's Environmental Management Vision and Environmental Management Organizations
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