Vision and organization

The NYK Group's Environmental Management Vision

In March 2005, we established the NYK environmental management vision to further strengthen our environmental management activities. To fulfill its objective of supporting a sustainable society, NYK is implementing three medium-term strategies specifically aimed at realizing “a green and beautiful earth” and passing on “a peaceful society to future generations.”


Under this vision, based on the NYK Group's environmental policy and the concise environmental management plan based on our policy, we operate various environmental activities at specific sites.

NYK Group Environmental Management System's Scope

  1. Worldwide transportation of goods by sea on a fleet of owned and chartered ships and feeder vessels, and on land by rail and truck and through the use of warehouse operations
  2. Cruise ship business
  3. Container terminal business
  4. Ship-management business
  5. Offshore business
  6. Airfreight business
  7. Ocean & air forwarding and contract logistics business
  8. Tugboat service
  9. IT business
  10. Maritime museum operation
  11. Recycle center operation

The NYK Group's Environmental Green Policy

  1. We, the NYK Group, adopt responsible practices with due regard to the environmental impacts of our corporate activities. We set and continually review objectives and targets for achieving our goal to protect our entire global environment and biodiversity.
  2. We seek not only to comply with safety and environmental regulations but also to implement in-house standards to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  3. We commit ourselves to the safe operation of all our services via sea, land, and air, as well as operations at sea, terminals, and warehouses.
  4. We seek to reduce environmental loads by efficiently using resources, saving energy, reducing waste, encouraging material recycling, and particularly by minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances, and toxic matter.
  5. We endeavor to minimize environmental loads and adopt environmentally friendly technologies when ordering and purchasing necessary resources, such as vessels and aircraft, for transportation services and cargo operations.
  6. We endeavor to use education programs to raise environmental awareness among our employees and to ensure that they recognize the essence of this Green Policy by actively addressing environmental concerns.
  7. We make wide-ranging social contributions in close partnership with local communities by disclosing environmental information and supporting environmental conservation initiatives.

Constituted on 1st April, 2001
Amended on 1st April, 2009
Amended on 1st April, 2017

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Environmental Management Organizations

The NYK Group has a Safety and Environmental Management Committee (chairman: the president) that coordinates NYK's global efforts at NYK's Tokyo headquarters.

Environmental Management Organizations (As of April 1. 2018)

Safety & Environmental Management Committee
Executive Chief of Environmental Management
*3 CEM
Chief of Environmental Management
Regional meetings are held on a regular basis to enable officers to identify their regions' issues and goals and formulate programs for their achievement

Group-wide Environmental E-learning

To raise the environmental awareness of NYK Group employees, we offer an annual environmental e-learning course. In 2017, our eleventh year, more than 10,000 NYK Group employees worldwide participated in the course to learn about environment-related movements internationally and the NYK Group's initiatives, such as the group's ISO14001 certification and our use and development of environmental technologies.





Environmental Preservation Campaign: The Earth Is Our Home

<Campaign Activities in 2018>
NYK conducts an environmental-preservation campaign called “The Earth Is Our Home” as part of its annual observance of World Environment Day on June 5. The followings are some activities carried out in 2018.

1. Environmental Photo Contest
We invited all NYK Group Staff and their families to participate in an environmental photo contest, and the following three photos received special recognition:

Head for Sun






Camel Way


2. Environmental Slogan Competition
We invited NYK Group staff members overseas to create a slogan related to the environment. The three slogans below were selected for special recognition:
  • 1st : Start saving mother earth today to save our children's tomorrow
  • 2nd : Children, the future of human beings; environment, the future of the earth
  • 3rd : Clean Water, Earth and Air… have all with just a little Care
3. Senryu Competition in Japan
NYK held an ecologically themed senryu competition in Japan. A senryu is a short humorous verse. One first prize and four second prizes were awarded to notable submissions.

Keeping the Entire NYK Group Focused on Environmental Management

In September 2006 we organized an annual NYK Environmental Management Conference, and a year later we formulated the NYK Group Environmental Management Guidelines. The aim of the conference is to disseminate directives and to promote, coordinate, and cross-deploy environmental activities among the companies represented. In November 2017, 46 NYK Group companies participated in this conference, and activities included the following:

  1. Appointment of environmental facilitators in each company
  2. Development of environmental activity system in each company
  3. Plan, Do, and Check action plans

At this most recent conference, Asahi Shipping Co. Ltd., UNI-X Corporation, NYK Trading Corporation and Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd. were commended for their dynamic activities.

In addition, representatives in charge of environmental management promotions, CSR, and social contributions at Mizuho Information & Research Institute Inc. were invited to give a presentation about the environmental and CSR activities at their group.

NYK makes every effort to manage environmental risks and contribute to a sustainable society to ensure an optimal balance between economic progress and environmental protection.


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