Energy Division (Crude Oil, Clean Petroleum Product, Chemical and LPG)

Providing transportation services based on consideration for the environment and safety

Energy Division (Crude Oil, Clean Petroleum Product, Chemical and LPG) operates very large crude carriers (VLCCs) that transport crude oil; product tankers* that carry petroleum products; chemical tankers that transport petrochemical products and other liquid chemical products; and LPG tankers that carry LPG and ammonia. The division provides transport service for major oil companies, petrochemical companies, and energy companies around the world.

Most of the VLCCs in our fleet operate under long-term contracts with specific customers, such as major oil companies from Japan and many other countries, which results in a highly stable profit structure. LPG tankers and chemical tankers also provide stable earnings under long-term contracts. Product tankers have been affected by market changes, but fleet expansion is aimed to accommodate anticipated demand.

  • *Product tankers
    These tankers transport petroleum products, such as gasoline, naphtha, gas oil, kerosene, and jet fuel, and are divided into the following categories: MR (medium range, 25,000-55,000 DWT), LRI (large range I, more than 55,000 DWT), and LRII (large range II, more than 80,000 DWT)