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NYK Releases Exploratory Design for NYK Super Eco Ship 2030

April 22, 2009

NYK has released an initial exploratory design for its NYK Super Eco Ship 2030, an energy-efficient ship expected to emit far fewer CO2 emissions than current vessels. The design was created by MTI, a wholly owned NYK subsidiary charged with making use of advances in technology, along with Garroni Progetti s.r.l, an Italian designer of ships, and Elomatic Marine, a Finnish marine-technology consultant.

NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 will make use of progressive technologies that have the potential of being realized by 2030. The power needed to propel the ship can be lessened by decreasing the weight of the hull and reducing water friction. Propulsion power can be increased through use of LNG-based fuel cells, solar cells, and wind power, all of which will lead to a reduction of CO2 by 69 percent per container carried.
Comparison of NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 with a conventional 8,000 TEU container vessel is provided below.

Conventional Vessel
NYK Super Eco Ship 2030
Length Overall
338 meters
353 meters
45.8 meters
54.6 meters
13.0 meters
11.5 meters
Main power (Fuel)
Diesel Engine (C heavy oil)
64 megawatts
Fuel Cell (LNG)
40 megawatts
Natural power
Solar: 1–2 megawatts
Wind: 1–3 megawatts
CO2 emissions*
195 g/TEU-miles
62 g/TEU-miles

*TEU-mile: Unit for the carriage of one TEU a distance of one mile                         

Prototype model of NYK's Super Eco Ship 2030(Patent and Design applied for)

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