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September 25, 2018 New Wood-chip Carrier for Hokuetsu Corporation Delivered
September 21, 2018 Schoolteachers Spend Two Days in Study at NYK
September 20, 2018 NYK Offers Support to Victims of Hokkaido Earthquake
September 20, 2018 NYK Product Tanker Rescues 28 Fishermen off the Coast of Colombia
September 18, 2018 NYK Participating in Japan Climate Initiative
September 13, 2018 NYK Selected for DJSI for 16th Consecutive Year
September 6, 2018 NYK PCTC Supports in Rescue Operation off the Coast of France
August 31, 2018 NYK Issues Its 2018 NYK Report
August 30, 2018 Notice of Management Integration of Port and Harbor Transportation Business Companies of NYK Group
August 28, 2018 NYK Introduces Attributes of the Maritime Industry at Local Festival in Kumamoto
August 24, 2018 NYK's President, Captains, and Chief Engineers Exchange Opinions on Safe Operations
August 23, 2018 NYK Sponsors Booth at Summer 2018 “Manabi no Fes”
August 21, 2018 NYK Signs MOU to Examine Business to Reduce Steel Corrosion on Ships
August 10, 2018 NYK to Participate in Demonstration Project to Remotely Operate a Ship
August 7, 2018 NYK Sponsors “Family Day” in Effort to Reform Employee Work Styles
August 2, 2018 NYK Signs MOU with Kyushu Electric Power, Saibu Gas, and Chugoku Electric Power for Joint Discussions on LNG Bunkering in the Setouchi and Kyushu Areas of Western Japan
August 2, 2018 NYK Conducts Crisis-response Drill on LNG Carrier
August 2, 2018 MT-FAST Fuel-saving Device Installed on 500 Vessels
July 31, 2018 Japan’s Indigenous Ainu Language Used to Name New Coal Carrier for Hokkaido Electric Power
July 31, 2018 NYK Participates in Green Bond Seminars in Tokyo and Osaka
July 27, 2018 Shanghai NYK-ANJI Logistics Co. Ltd. Begins Operations Under New Name- Strengthening Automotive Logistics in China -
July 26, 2018 NYK’s Avoidance Navigation Research Employing AI Receives Support of MLIT
July 24, 2018 NYK Group Celebrates Successful O3 Challenge
July 23, 2018 Hikawa Maru Recognized for Its Technological Links to the Showa Era
July 19, 2018 NYK Sponsors Sea Turtle Research
July 17, 2018 NYK Group Establishes Logistics Joint Venture for Finished Cars Using Automobile Freight Trains in India
July 11, 2018 NYK Offers Support to Victims of Heavy Rain in Japan
July 10, 2018 NYK Holds Fleet Safety Promotion Conferences for Shipowners and Ship-management Companies
July 9, 2018 Naming Ceremony Held for Second LNG Carrier Assigned to Cameron LNG Project
July 6, 2018 Japan’s First LNG Bunkering Vessel to Start Operation in 2020
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