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December 26, 2017 NYK Releases Partial Findings in Study on Avoiding Collisions
December 26, 2017 The NYK Group's Top News Stories for 2017
December 21, 2017 Two NYK Group Companies Honored at 2017 Cruise of the Year Awards
December 19, 2017 New LNG Carrier for KEPCO Named “LNG Sakura”
December 18, 2017 Tokyo Customs Recognizes NYK’s Tokyo Container Terminal
December 14, 2017 New LNG Carrier for JERA Named “Pacific Mimosa”
December 14, 2017 Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Visits NYK Maritime Museum
December 13, 2017 NYK Holds Workshop on Fair Trade and SDGs
December 12, 2017 Panel Discussion Held with NUS Enterprise to Promote Innovation in Shipping and Logistics
December 7, 2017 NYK Scholarships Offered for 17th Consecutive Year in China
December 6, 2017 NYK Holds 11th Environmental Management Conference
November 30, 2017 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Graduates Its Class of 2017
November 24, 2017 The NYK Group Teams with J-ENG to Improve Ship Engine Maintenance through the Use of Operational Big Data
November 16, 2017 NYK Group Develops Anti-coagulation Fuel Additive "Wax Breaker"- Improves Oil Fluidity at Low Temperatures for Safer Operations -
November 9, 2017 NYK and YLK Jointly Hold Training Program for Staff from around the World- This year's theme: “Stay Half a Step Ahead” -
November 2, 2017 NYK Conducts Short-term Exchange Program for Maritime Schools in Japan and the Philippines
October 25, 2017 Start-up Supported by NYK Group Wins Top Prize at Singapore’s Smart Port Challenge 2017
October 19, 2017 NYK Sponsors “Family Day” in Effort to Reform Employee Work Styles
October 18, 2017 Take Caution against Cross-border Fraudulent Letters from Criminals Spoofing NYK and the NYK Group
October 10, 2017 Gas4Sea selected by Statoil for LNG bunkering
October 10, 2017 LNG Production Gets Underway at Australia's Wheatstone LNG Project
October 2, 2017 NYK Celebrates Its 132nd Anniversary- Forging Ahead into a New Era -
October 2, 2017 Announcement of Change to NYK Corporate Officers
September 20, 2017 NYK Group and Norwegian Partner Dualog Begin Collaboration with NTT Group for On-board IoT Innovation
September 12, 2017 NYK to Deploy Binary Cycle Power Generation System on New Panamax Vessel
September 7, 2017 NYK Selected for DJSI for 15th Consecutive Year
September 6, 2017 NYK Joins “Consortium to develop trade data sharing platform using blockchain technology”
September 4, 2017 NYK Holds Annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference
September 1, 2017 NYK's President, Captains, and Chief Engineers Exchange Opinions on Safe Operations
August 29, 2017 NYK Provides Free Transport of Footwear for Tongan Children
August 28, 2017 NYK Maritime Museum and NYK Hikawamaru Receive National Maritime Award
August 25, 2017 NYK Distributes Digital Version of Safe Cargo Operation Guidelines to Nearly 180 Bulk Carriers
August 15, 2017 Children from Hope&Wish Welcomed Aboard
August 10, 2017 NYK Issues Its 2017 NYK Report- Emphasis Placed on Creating Value -
August 8, 2017 NYK Conducts Crisis-response Drill on LPG Carrier
August 4, 2017 NYK Sponsors Booth at Summer 2017 “Manabi no Fes”
July 27, 2017 The World’s First Global Hydrogen Supply Chain Demonstration Project
July 21, 2017 NYK Once Again Sponsors Sea Turtle Research
July 20, 2017 NYK Holds Fleet Safety Promotion Conferences
July 18, 2017 Japan’s Imperial Couple Visit NYK Maritime Museum
July 12, 2017 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
July 10, 2017 Announcement of Change to NYK Corporate Officers
July 10, 2017 Notice of Establishment of Holding Company and Operating Company for New Integrated Container Shipping Business (2)
July 7, 2017 NYK Blue Jay Named 2016 Ship of the Year
July 7, 2017 Notice of Establishment of Holding Company and Operating Company for New Integrated Container Shipping Business
July 6, 2017 NYK Holds “Brush Up on Safety Awareness” Competition
July 4, 2017 NYK Included in Three New ESG Indexes
July 3, 2017 Notice of Establishment Schedule for Container Shipping Business Integration
June 30, 2017 Three NYK Group Companies Receive Recognitions at 18th Annual Logistics Environment Awards
June 30, 2017 Logistics Company for Finished Cars Gets Formal Go-ahead from the Government of Vietnam
June 29, 2017 NYK Enters Partnership Agreement with Kyushu Electric Power
June 27, 2017 NYK Selected for FTSE4Good Index for the 15th Straight Year
June 27, 2017 Advanced Coal Boiler Control Optimization System Exhibited at Japan-China Green Expo 2017
June 26, 2017 Development and Sales of the Coal Boiler Control Optimization System, ULTY-V plus-- Promotion of Energy Conservation Due to the Equipping of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT Features--
June 23, 2017 Receive Japanese Pilots' Best Quality Ship Award
June 20, 2017 Containership ACX Crystal Collides with U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald (4)
June 18, 2017 Containership ACX Crystal Collides with U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald (3)
June 17, 2017 Containership ACX Crystal Collides with U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald (2)
June 17, 2017 Containership ACX Crystal Collision with US Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald
June 16, 2017 Tokyo Immigration Bureau Recognizes NYK Group Company
June 16, 2017 Matsuyama Welcomes First Panamax Coal Carrier
June 16, 2017 NYK Enhances Asia–Hawaii Express (AHX) Sailing Frequency
June 14, 2017 Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering Service Started in the Port of Zeebrugge
June 2, 2017 NYK and DNV GL Cooperate to Unlock the Potential of Maritime Data
June 1, 2017 NYK Receives Visit from NPO Kid’s Door
May 31, 2017 NYK Selected as Competitive IT Strategy Company for Second Consecutive Year
May 31, 2017 Notice of Trade Name and Location of New Container Shipping Joint Venture
May 31, 2017 NYK and Dualog Enters into Strategic Partnership for Joint Innovation
May 25, 2017 NYK Bulk Carrier Rescues Fishermen off the Coast of Peru
May 25, 2017 Cruise Ship Asuka II Meets Its Little Sister in Tokyo
May 25, 2017 NYK's Volunteer Point System Generates Donations to Three Charities for Children
May 23, 2017 NYK President Speaks at 120th Anniversary Ceremony of Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
May 19, 2017 NYK Participates in Joint Program between MIT and the University of Tokyo
May 17, 2017 New Navigation Support Tool Allows Handwritten Inputs and Overlapping Weather Information on Electronic Charts
May 12, 2017 NYK Sponsors Booth at “Manabi no Fes 2017”
April 28, 2017 NYK Determines Corporate Auditor Nominations
April 25, 2017 New Coal Carrier Enters Service for JERA Trading Singapore
April 25, 2017 NYK Vessel Rescues Yachtsman in the South Pacific
April 7, 2017 Honorary Consulate Established in Croatian Office of NYK Group Company
April 3, 2017 NYK Promotes Woman to Captain for First Time in Company History
April 3, 2017 NYK President Naito Addresses New Employees at 2017 Welcoming Ceremony- Emphasizes Communication and Curiosity -
March 24, 2017 NYK Group Introduced Its Initiatives at "National Maritime Summit" in Norway -Investing in Digitalization in Vessel Operations-
March 22, 2017 Two NYK Vessels Receive Panama Canal's Green Connection Award
March 16, 2017 NYK Selected as a White 500 Company-Certifying Outstanding Health and Productivity Management-
March 14, 2017 NYK Vessel Rescues yachtsman in the Strait of Magellan
March 9, 2017 THE Alliance Announces Final Product and Unveils Unique Contingency Plan
March 8, 2017 NYK Cruises Announces WORLD CRUISE 2018 Schedule -A Blissful Voyage of Over 100 Days on Asuka II-
March 8, 2017 NYK Selected "Best Green Shipping Line" by HAROPA for Fourth Consecutive Year
February 22, 2017 NYK Completes Winter Safety Campaign
February 15, 2017 World's First Purpose-built LNG Bunkering Vessel Delivered to ENGIE, Fluxys, Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK
February 10, 2017 NYK Provides Free Transport for Reusable Judo Tatami Mats
February 8, 2017 Asuka II Honored as Cruise Ship of the Year for 25th Consecutive Year - A Quarter of a Century at the Top -
February 7, 2017 NYK Employees Continue Their Engagement in Earthquake Recovery Efforts
February 3, 2017 NYK PCTC Rescues Sailors off the Coast of Bermuda
January 11, 2017 NYK LPG Carrier Rescues Sailor off the Coast of Nicaragua
January 4, 2017 New Year's Message from the President-Staying a Half Step Ahead-
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