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NYK Agrees to MoU with Fugro on Partnership in Offshore Geotechnical Investigation Vessel Business for Offshore Wind Power Generation Systems

NYK agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Fugro Singapore Marine Pte. Ltd. and Fugro Japan Co. Ltd., both of which are subsidiary companies of Fugro N.V. (Fugro) headquartered in the Netherlands, on an offshore geotechnical investigation vessel* business related to offshore wind power generation.

NYK and Fugro will now start a joint study for operation of an offshore geotechnical investigation vessel and providing a geotechnical service that would contribute to the success of offshore wind projects off Japan.


On April 1, 2019, a new law intended to facilitate the development of offshore wind projects off Japan became effective, and demand within the offshore wind power generation market is now expected to expand. Before constructing an offshore wind power plant, it is necessary to collect geotechinical data in the sea area when considering the basic design of the wind turbines and the layout of the power plant. An offshore geotechnical investigation vessel can conduct a submarine ground survey by performing cone penetration tests,** which play a vital role in collecting data to characterize seafloor and sub-seafloor ground conditions. In response to the rapidly increasing demand for undersea ground surveys, a shortage of offshore geotechnical investigation vessels has become apparent in Japan, so NYK has decided to cooperate with Fugro to address this issue.

Future Development

Fugro has over 25 years’ experience in the offshore geotechnical survey business in Europe, where offshore wind power generation is advancing, and is considered to be the world’s leading geotechnical survey company.

NYK manages and operates more than 700 vessels and contributes to the transport of wind turbines and equipment in the offshore wind power business. In addition to transportation, NYK is currently studying the feasibility of some other businesses related to the offshore wind business such as an offshore wind installation vessel and a crew transfer vessel in order to support the supply chain for offshore wind power generation in Japan.

Taking advantage of the strengths of both companies, NYK and Fugro will consider joint operation of an offshore geotechnical investigation vessel for the offshore wind power generation business in Japan and discuss the possibility of collaborating in the domestic expansion of geotechnical services.

Image of offshore geotechnical investigation vessel

- NYK Group’s Service Scope for Offshore Wind Power

In accordance with the NYK Group’s medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” the company has indicated its goal to integrate ESG principles into management strategies to implement green business initiatives and has been dedicated to achieving the SDGs through the group’s business activities. The Group will continue its efforts to contribute to the renewable energy business in Japan and overseas.

* Offshore geotechnical investigation vessel
A vessel that can carry out ground surveys such as the cone penetration test required for the design of foundation structures for offshore wind power generation facilities.

** Cone penetration test
A cone attached to a penetration rod is press-fitted to measure tip resistance, peripheral friction, and pore water pressure, providing key data on ground strength, from which various studies in areas such as soil classification, bearing capacity, consolidation settlement, and liquefaction can be performed.

Overview of Fugro N.V.

Headquarters: Leidschendam, Netherlands
CEO: Mark R.F. Heine
Website: https://www.fugro.com/  


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