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NYK President Nagasawa Addresses New Employees through Video Message

On April 1, NYK president Hitoshi Nagasawa welcomed 48 new employees. Below is a brief translation of the address provided through video message.

President’s Speech (abridged)

It’s a pity to have to provide a welcome message through video, while this is being done as a measure to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. As you take this first step in your career, I would like to say a few words as a senior member of the company.

In the words of the Japanese entrepreneur Konosuke Matsushita, “Companies are a public entity of society.” This simply means “become what society requires.”

This year, NYK will celebrate its 135th anniversary. It’s been a long journey, and history is the very evidence that NYK has been recognized by society and needed throughout the world. Based on our basic philosophy, “Bringing value to life,” I strongly want us to remain a company that supports people’s lives and fulfills the NYK Group’s social responsibilities. At the same time, I want you to be proud of being part of such a company.

Shipping and logistics is a very broad and deep industry. We have various business partners around the world and approximately 54,000 NYK Group employees. In such an environment, communication skills are very important to get ahead.

To elaborate on such communication skills, I sincerely hope that you talk with many people and try to understand things deeply. That generates new ideas and enhances your own work abilities. And the NYK Group’s entire value will resultantly increase.

You are to build the next new era of the NYK Group. Please don’t forget to give appreciation to your family and those who have supported you so far. Moreover, maintain your passion and vitality so that we can do our best together from today onward.

President Nagasawa speaking by video message

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