NYK Cooperates with Ship Tour for The Chugoku Electric Power Company

On October 4, NYK cooperated with a ship tour sponsored by The Chugoku Electric Power Company by escorting local elementary school students from Shimane prefecture on a tour of Shin Sanyo Maru, an NYK-operated coal carrier.

This event was sponsored by Chugoku Electric as one of its social contribution activities to give children living in Hamada city an understanding of the Misumi power plant.

Children toured the inside of the ship, were welcomed by the captain, and from the bridge viewed coal being unloaded. NYK staff also escorted the students around the deck (about 185 meters) so that they could get a feeling for the size of the vessel.

Various questions from children included the following:
-- "What is the satisfaction of working on ships at sea?"
-- "Can you see whales and dolphins during the voyage?"
-- "What kind of meals do you usually eat on board?"

This tour provided children with the opportunity to learn about seafarers' jobs and Shin Sanyo Maru, which contributes to the stable power supply of the Chugoku district in the western part of Honshu, Japan.

NYK will continue its efforts to contribute to reliable energy supplies through safe transportation and work positively as a good corporate citizen on activities that contribute to our society.

Outside the bridge of Shin Sanyo Maru

Viewing unloading work from the bridge

Learning how to read a nautical chart

-- About Shin Sanyo Maru
Length Overall: 235 meters
Breadth: 43 meters
Depth: 18.55 meters
Gross Tonnage: 50,502 tons
Deadweight Tonnage: 91,439 metric tons
Flag: Japan

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